When trying to do email mail merge in Word on Windows 7, no email messages are sent

In the past few days I have seen number of issues reported to us by our customers where they are unable to complete the email mail merge process on Windows 7 machines. As more an more users are going to upgrade to Windows 7, I thought I should put this blog post. This issue is a known issue and the solution for the issue is provided in the following KB. We have hotfix available for this issue. Please click the link below and from within the KB article you can request the hotfix.

980681 Mail merge in Microsoft Word does not work on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

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  1. Charanjeet says:

    Hello dear ,


    I am using Microsoft word 2007 and outlook 2007, when i tried to do mail merge on my word 2007 , it is showing option to send it manually 1 to 10 minutes , then i have click it again and again to send every single email , and it is taking a lot of time.

    For your information , i have already tried chaning the format from word to html, and also tried changing in outlook 2007 in trust centre (programmatic access )from Warn me TO Never warn me .

    when tried to send in plain text or attachement it is again showing the same option before me to do manual sending ( 1 to 10 minutes ) click it again and again to on ALLOW button.

    kindly email me the solution at my email : singh dot charanjeet at the rate rocketmail dot com if you have the answer with you !!!

    I will be gratefull to you ..

    Thanking you

  2. Graham Richings says:

    My problem with labels mail merge is that when trying to insert the fields, pressing the space bar or Enter Key just replicates the last field entered and does not enter a space or new line. This problem occurs on 3 stand along PCs. GrahamRichings@aol.com.
    Any answers? Using Windows 7 and Office 2010 and 2013

  3. AAntrobus@aol.com says:

    I, too, am trying to create a mail merge for labels on Windows 7 with Word 2010 but have two major problems. I have started to create a data base in Word but am still adding to it. When I do this, I click on use an existing list but when I put in the name
    of the data base I get the message that is it ‘not found’. I overcome this by putting the name in Search and bringing it up which means I can condition to edit and add to it. However, when I click on ‘Preview results’ only the first page shows, however many
    more additions to have made to the list.
    This is obviously very frustrating and I seem to have been trying for months to sort this out. Has anybody else had the same problems and managed to find a solution, please tell me how you did it. There is no point continuing to create my list if I can only
    print out one page of address labels. Many thanks.

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