Power BI – Data Preparation Workflow

Steps in preparing Power BI Click on “Get Data”, select your source data. Click on “Edit Queries”. If there are individual date columns (Year, Month and Day): Then click on “Add Column”, “Add Custom Column”. Name the column as “TempDate”. Put in the custom column formula. Then click on “OK”. Select the generated column, and click on “Date”, “Parse”. A new “ParseDate” column will be…

Power BI – Add Custom Column – Date

In Power BI Desktop, if you an Excel with columns of year, month and day, and needed to create a custom date column. To create this custom date column, here’s the formula. =Text.From([Day]) & “-” &  Text.From([Month]) & “-” & Text.From([Year])   This is different from a hierarchy column where you can just drag and drop.