Office 365 Starter

At Microsoft, we care deeply about supporting compliance with specific standards and regulations related to data security and privacy as required by our customers in various geographies and industries. We consider compliance a core feature of our services, and we make significant investments in this area to ensure that that we are continuously innovating on…

Enable Administrator to access all users' OneDrive for Business

Download, install and run the SharePoint Online Management Shell Replace <domain> with your domain name and <tenant> with your SharePoint Online tenant name. $objCreds = Get-Credential Connect-SPOService -Url https://<tenant> -credential $objCreds $colUsers = Get-SPOUser -Site https://<tenant> | Where-Object {$_.LoginName -like '*<domain>.com*'} $colUsers = $colUsers.LoginName | ForEach-Object { $_.TrimEnd("<domain>") } | ForEach-Object { $_.TrimEnd("@") } $colUsers |…


SharePoint hybrid training videos

SharePoint hybrid training videos Summary: All three topologies are supported: Inbound, Outbound and Bi-drectional


Office 365 Adoption Kit and Change Management Plan

Office 365 Adoption Kit Office 365 Change Management Plan

Bulk remove user from Office 365

Prepare a CSV File to Import New Exchange Online Users: You can refer to the steps below to bulk remove the users: 1.Create a CSV file that contains all the users you want to remove: The CSV file should include the five required attributes: Name, EmailAddress, FirstName, LastName, Password.   2.Install and Configure Windows PowerShell…