Error in copying item in SharePoint 2010 Workflow

If you are experiencing the following error:

"The workflow could not copy the item. Make sure the source and destination lists have the same columns and column settings."


I resolved it by making sure that the destination document library does not require document to be checked out for editing.

 Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?

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  1. Sagar says:

    You are a savior..Thanks a lot man!

  2. sham3 says:

    i already di this, but the problem still there

  3. pramod ghuge says:

    This is usually because the current item is updated with new values before the workflow is able to copy it.

    If the workflow is starting when new item is added, you can add a "Pause for 1 min" action before "copy list item" to avoid conflict.

  4. Ravi says:

    Can you please let me know how can we achieve this. I am getting this error while copying item from one library to another. What I need to write in Workflow(SharePoint Designer) for giving "Pause for 1 min"

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