Upgrading Samsung Slate PC to Windows 8 RP

We have a couple of Samsung Series 7 Slate PC in our Customer Immersion Experience setup.

With Windows 8 Release Preview out, I decided to upgrade one of the slates to the latest Windows OS.

Samsung provided a great site that documents down the upgrade process.


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, it is an utterly unhelpful site. What drivers are needed is as clear as mud. What to do, if it exists, does not open from the PDF. Shows an empty file despite its size.

    The only thing that can be said for the site is that some of the drivers do help. For example, you need to run both the WWAN and Chipset drivers to get the 3G modem and hardware Windows button to work.

    In relation to the 3G just running the file is not enough. You have to return to Device Manager (why does W8 not find that from Start?) and go through installs for 4 more devices without the WWAN driver.

    Samsung should be doing a lot more to assist with all of this.

  2. WKNG says:

    Hi jtwoodfield,

    The installation guide pdf works fine for me. I actually followed all the steps and got it working on Windows 8 RP.

    Here's the link for the pdf.


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