Renew CIE v3.5 FAST Search Certificate

The FAST Search certificate in the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) v3.5 expires on June 15th 2012.
Here's how you can renew the certificate.


In the FAST PowerShell Command Prompt

Stop all the FAST Search Services

net stop FASTSearchMonitoring
net stop FASTSearchService
cd C:\FASTSearch\installer\scripts
.\ReplaceDefaultCertificate.ps1 -generateNewCertificate $true

Restart the FAST Search Services

net start FASTSearchService
net start FASTSearchMonitoring

In the SharePoint PowerShell Command Prompt  
cd C:\FASTSearch\installer\scripts   
.\SecureFASTSearchConnector.ps1 –certPath "..\..\data\data_security\cert\FASTSearchCert.pfx" –ssaName "FAST Search Content SSA" –username "contoso\administrator"

Perform the IIS reset

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