A glimpse into Windows Server 8

Hi folks, it has been a while as we continue to be heads down on the performance for Windows Server 8!  But recently some of the new features and enhancements for Windows Server 8 have been introduced in Bill Laing’s, Corporate Vice President of the Server and Cloud Division, blog on the Server and Cloud Platform…


Configuring Windows Server 2008 Power Parameters for Increased Power Efficiency

Matthew Robben here, I’m a Program Manager on the Windows Server Performance team and my primary responsibility is Windows Server power management. Server power efficiency is a topic of considerable importance – in today’s difficult economy, IT organizations need to contain and reduce costs. Yet the cost of energy to power and cool a 1U…


Power and Hyper-V are now part of the Windows Server 2008 Tuning Guide!

The guide has been updated with sections on Power and Hyper-V guidelines and best practices.  Check out the updated Tuning Guide and tell us what you think by following the feedback link at the top of the Tuning Guide.  We look forward to hearing from you! Ahmed TalatPerformance ManagerWindows Server Performance Team