Power and Hyper-V are now part of the Windows Server 2008 Tuning Guide!

The guide has been updated with sections on Power and Hyper-V guidelines and best practices.  Check out the updated Tuning Guide and tell us what you think by following the feedback link at the top of the Tuning Guide.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Ahmed Talat
Performance Manager
Windows Server Performance Team

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Windows Server Performance team has updated teh Window Server 2008 Tuning guide to include Hyper-V.

  2. Dilip Naik says:

    Couple of quick and minor corrections in Figure 6

    Clients side stack is wrong – has an extra MRSXSMB.SYS – RDBSS.SYS “links” with either SMB1.0 rdr or SMB 2.0 rdr

    The arrow between the client and server needs to say “SMB1.0 or SMB 2.0” and it needs to be bi-directional


    Thanks Dilip for your observations and feedback – much appreciated!

    Mrxsmb.sys holds a common code path for both SMB 1.0 and SMB 2.0 and it is only after negotiating with the remote host on which SMB version should be used that a request branches off to either SMB 1.0 (mrxsmb10.sys) or SMB 2.0 (mrxsmb20.sys) protocols.  Then it calls back into mrxsmb.sys to use its network helper functions to transfer the data.  So the diagram can be confusing so in the next revision of the guide, we will clarify this some more in the text above the diagram.

    As part of the revision, we will also change the SMB arrow to be bi-directional.

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