Examples of Fit-and-Finish in Build 5728

In Build 5728, we got to see examples of the kind of fit-and-finish the Windows Shell Team is making to Windows Vista as they progress toward RTM. I'd like to show you a few that I found. I imagine there is quite a bit more.

In “Computer”, you will notice that the “System Properties” and “Map Network Drive” icons have been changed from RC1.

The “Folder Options” dialog now has new icons instead of the old icons seen from Windows XP.

And when you access your user profile (“C:Users\<Your Name>”) you will notice new blue-style icons for the important system directories that are used to organize your data in your profile.

These are just a few examples and more to come as the Windows Shell Team is really working hard to make Windows Vista look stunning!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please change the 16-color icons from all the tabs on Task Manager.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You guys have all left some great feedback for fit-and-finish in Windows Vista.

    The Windows Shell Team has set up a forum on their new blog called "Windows Vista Rants and Raves" where you can discuss these issues with the Windows Shell Team first hand! I recommend heading over there and leaving some comments!


    I especially like scalo’s feedback about the IE7 midddle-icon when using mouse scrolling.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can Folder Options still be accessed from the Tools menu of a folder?

  4. Anonymous says:

    While it is nice to see that you are working on F&F there are hundreds of wrong, old, outdated, misplaced icons in 5744 (RC2). And I am not even talking about bad designs of new icons just plain errors.

    For example:

    Right click on desktop – the personalize icon there is actually the one for Window Color and Style.

    While you replaced the map network icon in "Computer" the old icon is still used by the wizard that starts when you click on it.

    Onscreen keyboard uses XP-style icon in start menu and app though a new icon is used in Ease of Access center.

    Movie Maker and Contacts don’t have a Vista icon.

    There are still some low res icons in the Control Panel classiv view.

    The previous version tab of the folder options have an XP icon.

    I could go on with the list for ever… so you have lots to do. Even though icons are only small things they have a huge impact on the user perception.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please change the IE7 middle click icon used for page scrolling because it’s horrible, look here:


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