Update on Interim Windows Vista Build 5728: 64-bit Version Available; Build Availability Window Closing Soon

Per my post from last week, I've got some news for you regarding the release of interim build 5728:

  1. The 64-bit version of build 5728 is now availabile in both German and English.

  2. The window is rapidly closing for download of the English build, as we're nearing our targeted download quantity.  If you've not yet downloaded the build, I would suggest doing so today.

Thank you to all of our beta testers who've downloaded this build to date -- we didn't expect your response to be so rapid and enthusiastic!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Windows Vista blog is giving people a heads up that they have almost hit the download quota for this

  2. Ambious says:

    I’ve had trouble with Build 5728 (32Bit) so I reverted back to RC1.

    I didn’t file bug reports using the beta tool because I Couldn’t, but I’d still like to report those bugs.

    Is it possible to report bugs for the build not currently installed on one’s computer?

  3. falcon7 says:

    I had trouble upgrading from RC1 to 5728 with all features

    not working including 1280×768 resolution which I need for my widescreen monitor.  Did a clean installation and 5728 works fantastic !

  4. Priyajeet says:

    ok confused, I did download the 64bit version last saturday and installed it sunday. If it was released today what did I download? It did say 5728.

  5. nwhite says:

    Hey Ambious:  you can still file bugs on builds that you do not have currently installed; this can be done at connect.microsoft.com.

  6. tric says:

    Hi I downloaded Build 5728, im using Vista/IE7 5600. It says it has finished downloading. But I cant seem to find where it has been placed. I save it on the start of the download in my folder. But seems like the security thing placed it somewhere. I dunno how to find it. Please help. Thanks.

  7. nwhite says:

    Hey tric:  your download may have been placed in a virtual folder based on IE7 security settings and in this case may not be retrievable; you’d have to conduct a disk search to find out.  If you decide to download again, I’d suggest saving to the desktop for easier access.

  8. Lux says:

    My EDW version is slower than the RC1 version-  very slow…

    will there be a update for the EDW ( 5728) version soon?

    I have no idea why but this version is extremly slower than the RC1 version-

    I updated from RC1 to EDW instead of full installation- will this be the cause? Also my hibernation function is no where to be found.



  9. Lux says:

    The reason I ask- is that if there is no updated version avail soon- then I’ll go ahead and do a fresh install of the EDW



  10. Jaartee says:

    Will someone confirm that the 64-bit Vista Bld 5728 is closed?  I cannot download the file, but instead get a ~716 byte ‘nothing’.


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