Another Update on Interim Windows Vista Build 5728: Japanese Version Available

Another follow-up to my original post on Build 5728:  the Japanese download page for both 32- and 64-bit versions is live.

That means that this link is now active!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    some one can help me to reinstall my modem adsl usb to the windows vista 5600, i try many times without results.

  2. Nei says:

    Are there MUI packs available somewhere to test this specific feature of Vista, or is it possible to "extract" a MUI pack out of the Japanese DVD?

  3. nwhite says:

    Hey Nei:  it’s not possible to extract the language pack from the interim build; you’ll need to either upgrade your existing build or run a clean install.

  4. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Are the accompanying 5728 Windows SDK and Orcas VS2K5 extentions still on track to be released this Friday? I’m itching to write code against the latest build.

  5. anony.muos says:

    You should really let customers choose the languages to install and not just install unnecessary language files the user would never require and which would take up a lot of space.

    And please change the volume icon on the taskbar, has it been changed for RTM? The white icon is soooo ugly.

  6. anony.muos says:

    And postponing FireWire support = no need of Vista for multimedia pros.

  7. barlog says:

    Thanks for kindly Announcement  > nwhite

  8. anony.muos says:

    Everyone is saying Vista Classic looks bad but I find it the same as XP except for the sidebar. Why dont you add a nice border or better color for sidebar in Classic?

  9. nwhite says:

    Hi someone:  this is an interim build and so you should not expect to have the same flexibility with it that would with a market release.  It’s for this same reason that we cannot release 5728 in all languages that Windows supports.

  10. Nei says:

    nwhite: Thank you for your reply. That is a pity, I wanted to try using Vista as a multi user computer where one user is Japanese and another one German.

  11. starkwong says:


    I have been tried downloading the Japanese version of x86 Vista 5728 image for several times. However whatever which methods I used (Akamai Download Manager or Download Accelerators), the downloaded file is still corrupt (Tried 2 times using DL Manager and download speed drops to 0kb/s after 30 secs, When direct download, server delivers me a file of only 160Mb).

    Is there a problem on server side or my ISP problem (I tried on several computers with same result)?

  12. nwhite says:

    Hi starkwong:  I’ve seen this problem before when the download servers are overloaded; I’d suggest trying your download again at another point in time, when hopefully the load will be lighter.

  13. starkwong says:

    Thanks for reply. Hope the download will not be removed too soon…

  14. newscientist2000 says:

    I want build 5734, please… is it better than 5728 because 5728 is pretty good 🙂

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