Windows Mobile Device Center and Vista RC1

An update from the Mobile and Embedded Devices Team:  The Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) Application is an independent application apart from Windows Vista.  Windows Vista RC1 includes the WMDC driver which enables you to sync music, acquire pictures and browse the contents of your device.  The full WMDC application enables you to synchronize email, contacts, calendar appointments and more.  The RC version of WMDC for Vista RC1 will ship very soon, while at this time WMDC is only available for Vista Beta 2.

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  1. Ambious says:

    Thank you so much!

    I’ve been waiting for WMDC forever.

    Will it be available through Windows Update?

    Will it FINALLY support PPCs with WM2003SE?


  2. ScottKin says:

    I’m hopeing beyond hope, it seems, that WMDC will also support PPC2002 devices. It would be a shame for everyone who has a slightly-earlier device (iPaq 3635) to be able to work with WMDC.

    Thanks for your work!

  3. cnschindler says:

    I hope that we get an option to store the device password! Everytime I cradle my device I have to type in my password! ActiveSync is able to store the password… And please, don’t tell me this isn’t secure – get us the chance to decide…

  4. Isn’t a Release Candidate, by definition, feature complete? The continued use of the phrase "very soon" to describe anything Vista-related has become a running joke in the community.

    The inability to test WMDC during the beta period is unacceptable. I’m tempted to just go buy a Mac and use Missing Sync.

  5. jmoo2 says:

    Hallelujah! Not being able to sync my contacts and appointments though Vista is a real pain.

    I also second the option of it remembering my password so I don’t have to type it in each Sync.


  6. janely says:

    This comment is in response to ScottKin’s post on 9/19.  Unfortunately WMDC will not support 2002 devices.  We will be supporting 2003 devices and up.

  7. janely says:

    This comment is in response to cnschindler ‘s post on 9/20.  You will be able to save your password after you create a partnership with the PC.  Thanks.  

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