Is Windows Vista Ready? Scenario Voting Poses the Question

A message from my colleague Aseem on the Defect Prevention team:


With the release of Windows Vista RC1, the product teams are eager to hear what you think.  Visit the Windows Vista Scenario Voting site to explore Windows Vista and let the teams know about your experience.  For RC1 users, we have created a special voting category called "Is Windows Vista Ready?"  Here you can provide your satisfaction on nine overall attributes of Windows Vista.  You can also vote on the same nine attributes for Windows XP to compare and contrast between the two.


I urge RC1 users to vote.  We want to take your opinion into account when we decide to ship Windows Vista.


For RC1 we have also added a new Scenario Voting feature that allows users to suggest new scenarios.  We want to learn more about what you do with Windows Vista, so if you see something that is missing from our list, go ahead and add it.  We will share your entries with product teams and planners to ensure we are focusing on the right things.  To suggest a scenario, select "Add a new Scenario" on the Windows Vista Scenario Voting site menu.


All the feedback you are supplying is truly making an impact and is shaping one of the widest-used products in the World.  For this I want to personally thank you!


-Aseem Badshah

Scenario Voting Intern

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