Silicon Valley Campus Windows Vista Install Fair CLOSED

Regarding my post from last week, please note that the Silicon Valley Campus Install Fair is now closed.

Please also take into consideration that we're not simply giving away copies of Windows Vista at this event -- it's necessary to register for it and then when present at SVC, work with our tech staff to ensure your copy of RC1 is correctly installed on your particular machine.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Silicon Valley sale en ayuda de Microsoft de un nuevo modo. Los residentes de la zona solicitaron las 160 plazas que daban derecho a una versión del sistema operativo Vista y ser parte de la demo del día de la…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Deployment team flew 20 people down to the Microsoft Mountain View Campus to do a Vista install fair

  3. vabrol says:

    Well I was able to register for the event on October 7th. But I did not get any confirmation for it. Is there a contact# or website to verify the registration information.


  4. nwhite says:

    Hey vabrol:  Send an email to the address indicated on the registration page for a confirmation if you need one; otherwise, just show up !

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