Silicon Valley Campus Install Fair Invitation

The folks at the Silicon Valley Campus asked me to share the following invite with you.  If you find yourself in the San Francisco Bay area on one of these dates, feel free to drop in and pick up the latest version of Windows Vista for your current workstation.  Everyone who participates will be given a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate once it's released.



Install Fair Invitation


Participants will receive a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate after release!


Dates:  Saturday October 7th & Sunday October 8th, 2006


Two Locations:

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus / Mountain View.  Email us to register.

Silicon Valley Code Camp / Foothills College in Los Altos – Visit this site to register.


Timeslots: There are a maximum of 80 openings per timeslot each day.

  1. 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  2. 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

 The goals of the Install Fair are to:


  • Upgrade Windows XP SP2 (Home, Professional, Tablet PC and Media Center Edition) PC’s or Laptops with unfamiliar applications, configurations and devices to the latest pre-release version of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.
  • Acquire valuable feedback about the Windows Vista Upgrade experience from the broader community to ensure that Windows Vista will be the most rock solid release of Microsoft Windows ever.

Checklist/Criteria to attend: 


  1. All important data has been backed up!
  2. My PC’s Operating System is Windows XP SP2 (Home, Professional, Tablet PC or Media Center Edition) English x86.
  3. My PC has an Intel/AMD Processor running at 1 GHz or higher.
  4. My PC has a minimum of 512MB of RAM.
  5. My PC’s Video adapter is AGP4x/8x or PCIe with a minimum of 64MB of RAM.
  6. My PC’s Hard Disk has a minimum of 15GB of free space (on the same partition as Windows XP) to allow for upgrade.
  7. My PC has a DVD-ROM Drive.

Resources we provide: 


  • Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Network Cables, and Speakers.
  • Windows Vista Ultimate Edition DVD.
  • Food, beverages and a gift for participating!

You need to bring:


  • Your PC, its power cable and a DVI-to-VGA converter if necessary…

We hope you will be able to participate! J

~The Windows Vista Install Fair Team

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Regarding my post from last week, please note that the Silicon Valley Campus Install Fair is now closed….

  2. Priyajeet says:

    So I emailed yesterday to register for this, however havent got a confirmation back till now. Nor am I able to register on the camp website, since in their registeration form, the image identification picture is not showing up.

    How does one go about registering now?

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