RC1 CPP Now Available to General Public

A quick update on CPP status:


Windows Vista RC1 is now publicly available.  This means that 32- and 64-bit downloads for all three languages (English, German, and Japanese) are live.  If you did not receive and email in the previous wave, you can now both download the ISO image and request a product key (PID).


More importantly, how do I get access to the RC1 build?  Go here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As posted on the Windows Vista blog at 10 AM today… The public can sign up (in case you missed…

  2. Anonymous says:

    L’annonce à été faite hier sur le blog de l’équipe Windows Vista. Alors que jusqu’a présent les beta

  3. Anonymous says:

    L’annonce à été faite hier sur le blog de l’équipe Windows Vista. Alors que jusqu’a présent les beta…

  4. TH_John says:


    Just installed VISTA candidate 1 and now:

    1) my HP 4110 all in one printer is no longer working.

    2) HP says that the problem stems from IE 7.0 and they are working on a fix but in the meantime they suggested that I

    A) remove IE 7.0,

    B) Install 6.0

    C) perfrom a level 3 uninstall of the exisiting HP driver software


    1) It appears that I (system admin of my own machine) lack the authority to remove IE 7.0

    2) You can’t reinstall 6.0 over 7.0

    3) I can’t reinstall my previous XP home OS since VISTA ensures there is no going back.

    4) I can’t even find IE 7.0 in my list of installed programs using VISTA’s control panel.

    In addition to the chock-full-of-fun I’m having trying to undo the voodoo that you do so well, I am also having issues with other program that had previously been working under XP sp2.  

    System restores are worthless and other than scrubbing the hard drive, I am beginning to think I’ve made a grave mistake.



    PS I am jealous.

  5. mgb1unc says:


    You can not uninstall IE 7 and install IE 6 in Vista.

    That HP "support" person is just ignorant.

  6. SpeedNut says:

    Keys are avail, but the EN / US 32bit download links do not work the moment!


  7. Shtekeris says:

    What shoud i do if that page says:

    "Thank you for participating in the Microsoft Windows Vista Customer Preview Program.

    You have received the maximum number of Product Keys available for this program. "

    ;((  but i lost my BETA 2 key, and i really want to have this RC1 for more than 14 days…..  ;(

  8. gbebe says:

    installed rc1 today, so far so good. a couple of driver issues and had to deep six roxio backup mypc. when windows one care becomes available for vista the roxio program will be redundant anyway. one thing, it seemed funny that "msn premium", does not work with vista. that seemed a little ludicrous but hey ms is a big company. looks like ie-7 for the time being. beautiful interface!

  9. nwhite says:

    The links do indeed work, I just checked them.

  10. Fraser says:

    I was wondering if AOL’s antivirus software works with Vista RC1

  11. jimithing1980 says:

    I have been trying since last evening at 5:00 EST and the website has said "Page Cannot Be Displayed" every time.  I’m just going to the main page, selecting my country, and hitting Go – from there I just get a page that seems to be down.  I’ve tried this from multiple computers with the same problem.  Is something wrong here?

  12. gbebe says:

    jimithing1980, did you use the akamai downloader? i downloaded entire rc-1 in about an hour and a half using that pipe.

  13. anony.muos says:

    1.  Does Windows Presentation Foundation support all video formats and container types supported by DirectShow?

    2.  Does Microsoft care about other audio-video formats and their extensibility or just want to lock customers to WMA/WMV? MS does seem to care about non-MS image formats (JPG, PNG, RAW..) and document formats (PDF, ODF etc).

    3.  Will an AVI-replacement along with new replacements for Video for Windows and ACM come in the next version of Windows post Vista?

  14. gbebe says:

    rc-1 quite stable so far, the only real glitch i have experienced is the start button functions. sleep mode resumption degrades the mouse settings. restart up til now is still non-functioning. threst of my experience has been positive. tabbed browsing is cool, gadgets reminds me of the msn premium sidepanel. msn premium internet accounts are not supported, so i have to use ie-7. i heard msn is on the way out? to bad.

  15. nwhite says:

    Hey Fraser:  you’ll want to check with AOL’s support staff, as I’m not sure on this one.  As Windows Vista is still unreleased, they may not be able to assist, however.

  16. nwhite says:

    Hey Shtekeris: if you cannot find the emails that were sent, you might consider signing in with a different Passport/Windows Live ID, with which you can request another 2 PIDs.

  17. nwhite says:

    Hey someone:  you’ll want to check one of the digital media blogs for details — I’d suggest going to this site and conducting a search on digital media blogs: http://blogs.msdn.com/search/.  You might also check out Sean Alexander’s blog at seanalexander.com.

    Finally, know that WRT question #2, know that when it comes to digital media, we’re more focused on offering choice than restricting access to proprietary formats, be they ours or those of others.

  18. Lux says:

    Please help!!!

    I installed RC1 but was trying to connect my ti89 calculator with the below software. The software wont install. It’s asking for microsoft.net flatform.

    I am not that comp savvy. Please help me.

    Here is the software i was trying to install.


  19. nwhite says:

    Hello Lux:  

    I’ve reviewed the instructions for this app and on this page found the following directions on how to install the .NET Framework:


    Note: Some of the TI Software Tools will require Microsoft .NET Framework. If you have not installed the Microsoft .NET Framework update, you can download and install it from Microsoft:

    1. When your computer is connected to the Internet, click Start > Windows Update.

        Your Web browser opens at the Windows Update Web site.

    2. Scan for available updates.

    3. Select Microsoft .NET Framework and click “Add”.

    4. Click on “Review and Install Updates.”

    5. Click on “Install Now”. Windows Update downloads and installs the Microsoft .NET software to your computer.

    6. Restart your computer.

    It’s actually pretty easy to accomplish — I hope this helps.

  20. Lux says:


    Thanks for the reply- but I just updated my RC1 to the latest External Developer version of Vista.

    My update is complete. No more available updates are there to do.

    Still the TI89 program won’t install.

    Any help?



  21. nwhite says:

    Hi again Lux:  sounds like an application compatability issue; could you please file this as a bug at connect.microsoft.com?

  22. nwhite says:

    Hey TH_John:  our IE Team is working with HP to find a resolution for your issue.  But in the imterim we need some more information from you:

    •          Description of the problems found; what the user was trying to do when the problem was encountered.

    •          Setupapi.dev.log

    •          Determination if the user had the device attached when they upgraded?

    If you like, you can send this to me via email.

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