New Hardware for Windows Vista Unleashed

Microsoft has just announced the availability of three new pieces of hardware coming from MS Hardware later this year that will take advantage of Windows Vista functionality at the press of a button.

  • Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 – Available September 2006.

The Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 is the very first rechargeable wireless and backlit keyboard to hit the market.  It was originally dubbed the "Ultimate Keyboard" a few months ago.

These new hardware set-ups also bring Windows Vista features right to your fingertips:

  • Windows Start Button: access the Windows Vista Start Menu

  • Windows Media Start Button: quick access to Windows Media Center in Windows Vista

  • Windows Live Call Button: make a call using Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Call

  • Gadget Button: launches for quick access to your personalized Gadgets

We've also announced plans to make Windows Live LifeCams compatible with Windows Vista when it's launched in early 2007, so stay tuned.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Hardware yesterday trotted out its offerings for the fall season:

    Microsoft Hardware Brings to Light First Rechargeable Wireless and Backlit Desktop
    Microsoft’s New Gaming Products Receive Rave Reviews (These had been previously announ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope this still gets read, but there’s no more recent Hardware post to ask this:

    What’s the news on Samsung’s 22" Vista-screen? A lot of people are planning to upgrade, and at least some basic info (1080i support, response times etc) would be welcome in the decision making process.

  3. tim_mac says:

    very swish looking keyboards.

    bit of a shame there’s no integrated finger print reader?  specially seeing as MS already have the technology with the stand-alone reader.

  4. Sidebar Geek says:

    Hey tim_mac, I agree with you – I noticed the lack of fingerprint reader offerings in the new hardware.

    The current stand-alone fingerprint reader already out on the market by Microsoft currently does not work with Vista. I wonder if Microsoft intends to develop support for it on Vista in the future? Or are we seeing an end to Microsoft’s Fingerprint Reader products.

  5. hswear3 says:

    I want to put in my vote in for continued support of the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader products.

    DigitalPersona is the company that supplies MS with the readers and the software. But since this is an OEM arrangement, it is up to MS to drive this support for Vista.

    One note of possible encouragement is that in the most recent Vista Upgrade Advisor, Microsoft, not DigitalPersona (as in previous versions) is listed as the vendor.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this:

    I recall reading that the API for authentication devices had been totally rewritten for Vista. But I can no longer find this info. The names of things seem to be a moving target 🙂

  6. Zak says:

    Nice to offer new hardware – but it would be more helpful for a lot of people, if MS would support his own wireless mouse/keyboard combos under a Vista RC1.

    It seems that the most guys have problems with screensaver activation while the wireless desktop receiver is conntected.

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