RC1 Public Availability Pending

I know I'm sounding like a broken record (just read my comments on previous posts relating to RC1), but keep an eye on this blog for upcoming news on when and where to get your PID (product key) and image download when the public portion of the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) opens.

Stay tuned ...

-- Nick

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  1. Anonymous says:

    still waiting to learn why i cannot get rc2 to install, with continual error of 0x0. i been with this project since the frist beta came out, and what a disappointment, i cannot get this final to install

  2. hklm says:

    # re: Clarification on Availability of the Windows Vista RC1 Customer Preview Program

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006 1:51 PM by hklm

    You don’t get it Nick. There is no such thing as Office 2007 that is not RC1 compatible.  How and why that misleading info got on the site is pathognamonic of some of the Vista dissaray as you all rush to put a half finished product out so you can exchange it for your customers’ money.

    Office 2007 works fine with Office.  The Upgrade Advisor tries to cow and intimidate people into buying OEM hardware they don’t need so that MSFT can sell more OEM preinstalled Vistas that won’t allow them to repair Vista.

    Why is it that when you get feedback from people who know Windows and care enough to test what you want tried, the arrogance in the water on the Redmond campus compells you to ignore the feedback and push ahead anyway.

    Is there a problem with the English that conveys to you that you are telling people that Office 2007 needs an update to work with RC1 and that’s false.  Have you actually tried Office RC1 on your daily builds and found it won’t work. I’m offering to provide tech support to you and whomever is posting that on the Vista website so that you can get it working.

    Also why do you proffer an Upgrade Advisor that tells people a panoply of hardware won’t work in Vista when in fact it works like a charm if not to try to take advantage of their gullibiilty and intimidate them into buying new OEM boxes that they might not need?


  3. hklm says:

    Office 2007 DOES NOT NEED any update or so called Tech Refresh Beta 2 Office to work on Vista.

    You brag you get Vista builds every day. Have you tried to verify what you are fictionally saying about a requirement for some update to have Vista and Office 2007 work?  

    Vista RC1 will work with Office 2007 and needs no update. Why intimidate and confuse customers?

    Also why won’t you reveal what team is responsible for the rephrehensible behavior of the upgrade advisor that lies and says people can’t use a panoply of hdw with Vista when it’s not true?

    You do a disservice to the public and your sales by telling people falsely they need hardware to run Vista that’s not needed.

    And I’m talking about a box smoking not plodding along.


  4. p0verHaus says:

    Actually, this site has the link to the RC1 CPP :


    I used it yesterday to get a new key and lucky me, I got two emails with separate keys.  Why not just give out the link publicly?

  5. nwhite says:

    Hey p0verHaus:  good catch 😉  Thanks for posting this (something I really cannot get away with until the CPP goes public, else I risk incurring the wrath of my co-workers who’re trying to optimize download bandwidth due to heavy demand) !

  6. nwhite says:

    Hey again p0verHaus:  I guess whuza found the link and pasted it before you did, although it’s for the German download (ever heard of tinyurl.com? ;).

  7. p0verHaus says:

    He had the german version but I gave the worldwide version.  IMO that 1ups his post.  =p

  8. p0verHaus says:

    Oh and to hklm,

    Don’t worry about the Technical Refresh.  Either way, it’s going to be released tomorrow according to ZDnet.

    Also to Nick,

    Sorry if my link causes too much traffic.

  9. Ozarks says:

    You do not need a key you can call the number for your

    area read the numbers and the will generate the keys.

  10. Sidebar Geek says:


    Not sure where you are getting your information or if its based off of first hand experience but the current Beta 2 of Office 2007 in fact works extremely poorly on Windows Vista RC1. I’ve been running it for over two weeks now and the performance of Office 2007 Beta 2 in Vista RC1 is absolutely horrible. The Beta 2 TR is intended to improve the performance of Beta 2 on Vista RC1 and take into account bug fixes and recommendations from Beta testers. It is recommended that Vista RC1 users use the Beta 2 TR of Office 2007 for the best experience. You can read information about the Beta 2 TR for Office 2007 here at Jensen Harris’s blog:


    So to answer your question: yeah you need the Office 2007 Technical Refresh to get the best experience out Office 2007 on Windows Vista RC1. Of course you can continue to use Office 2007 without the update but live with application crashes and poor performance of the Office suite.

    As for the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor being misleading – I disagree. I’ve been using it for months as well as testing Vista of course and I feel the Advisor Tool gives accurate recommendations per each SKU of Windows Vista. Each SKU brings a different user experience. I’ve used the tool on a wide variety of hardware and so far, I’ve found based off my testing experience that it gives justified advice to users looking to upgrade to Vista. Microsoft’s goal is to make sure users UNDERSTAND what they can get out of their current hardware and what is needed to get the optimal experience using Vista. They don’t want users upgrading to Windows Vista Home Basic and thinking they will get Aero Glass – because they won’t.

    While I do not believe you are purposely trying to come across as rude, perhaps you would consider rephrasing some of your comments to be more constructive to both Nick and his team mates. Your feedback to them is extremely valuable. Instead of coming here and attacking Microsoft and calling them "liars" – maybe you can explain to them your experience as to what has led you to believe that the Office 2007 Beta 2 TR is not needed and the Advisor Tool is lying?

  11. bamboo says:


    i’m having no luck with vista so far. The up grade advisor "encounters a problem" and stops after about 10 secs. Though the pc pitstop checker runs ok and says i am well past the minimum requirement ( i have xp home fully updated ) The vista rc1 program on dvd runs for about 30 secs and shows " windows setup experienced an unexpected error. to install windows restart the installation. error 0x0. I’ve tried three times. always the same result. I tried booting from the dvd and that has worked up to the point of starting a clean instal but as i do not want to risk it i chose to cancel.

  12. Sidebar Geek says:

    Bamboo, sounds to me like you are having a driver issue with your installation. I suggest heading over to the Microsoft Newsgroups and posting your problem there. I know alot of good folks who are helping users such as yourself with problems with Vista.


    As for the Upgrade Advisor not working – sounds like something is preventing the tool from scanning your computer. I’d post about that in the newsgroups as well.

  13. bamboo says:

    Hi Sidebar Geek

    Thankyou. I have now reported this problem via the microsoft beta client but i am having problems posting on the newsgroup site. As you can see i have no problem with this site. It appears many people have the same 0x0 error when trying to upgrade from xp home to vista but a clean install seems to work ok ; but i am still reluctant to risk it.

  14. Sidebar Geek says:

    Bamboo, I am very glad you were able to report the problem via Microsoft’s Beta Client! This is another excellent way to submit problems to Microsoft.

    I am sorry you are having problems reaching the newsgroups. Have tyou tried using a client such as Outlook Express of Windows Live Mail Desktop to reach and post in the newsgroups?

    If you do try to do a clean install – I suggest using the Windows Easy Transfer tool – its an excellent way to do a clean install and keep your data and place it back into Vista after migrating over.

  15. bamboo says:

    HI Sidebar Geek

    You’ll be pleased to know i solved my little problem with posting on the newsgroups. I signed on. I had not realised it was a totally different site.

    woops !

    Off to investigate easy transfer tool  xxx

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