New Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Release Candidate

We've now updated the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, enhancing its UI and device support in order to help users successfully determine which version of Windows Vista best suits their particular hardware configuration.  If you've not heard of it, this app advises which parts of a system may need to be upgraded in order to support Windows Vista.  If you're unsure whether your PC is prepared for the news OS or not, then this tool is a must.

Go here for the download.

Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Release Candidate 1 of Microsoft Vista was first released to selected testers on September 1 and Microsoft has continued to broaden the audience culminating yesterday with the admission of the general public as Scot Finnie reports at NetworkWorld:

  2. JokerCPoC says:

    It would be nice If the upgrade advisor would work under the MS XP Pro x64 OS. I tried the advisor under XP Pro x32 on My other PC and It worked very good after I installed another program that the advisor asked for.

  3. gbebe says:

    vista upgrade advisor rc not working on my machine as well as previous versions did. this one does not like my array of attached devices for some reason. scan runs for about ten seconds and thats it.

  4. Jeb says:

    Vista RC1 won’t upgrade Beta2 even though Upgrade Advisor gives system green checkmark. Beta2 has been running perfectly for over three months. During RC1 install over B2, I get this error msg: IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers: Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controllers need updated drivers.

    If they’re good enough for Beta2 and Upgrade Advisor, then the drivers should be fine for RC1.

    Any advice? Thanks. I appear stuck until January unless someone has advice. Microsoft said they are not supporting RC1 technical issues.

    “We apologize for any difficulties that you have encountered. However, we are not currently offering technical support for the Windows Vista Beta.”

  5. nwhite says:

    Hey Jeb:  it’s more likely that you need to do a clean re-installation of the OS instead of an upgrade in this case; I’m not sure what the exact cause of the issue may be, but I do know that a clean install will get around any driver issues that you might be experiencing.

    I’d suggest using Windows Easy Transfer to effect your clean installation in order to save settings and documents.  There’s a set of instructions for upgrading at:

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