Introducing "Gadget Corner" — The Windows Vista Sidebar Blog

The Windows Sidebar Team has launched their very own blog called "Gadget Corner."  Here, team members take turns writing blog posts addressing topics relevant to Windows Sidebar and desktop Gadgets.

Windows Sidebar Program Manager Brian Teutsch has recently made a post outlining security within the Sidebar.  Windows Sidebar actually interacts with User Access Control (UAC) and other security features in Windows Vista to ensure that desktop Gadgets used with Windows Sidebar do not compromise a user's PC (would you believe it even works with Parental Controls?).  Brian discusses in great detail the measures involved in keeping Windows Sidebar and its Gadgets safe for the Windows Vista user.

For system administrators, Brian's post also discusses the use of Group Policies to keep Windows Sidebar secure in a corporate environment in which these are implemented.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts from the Sidebar Team on their new blog!

Comments (4)

  1. anony.muos says:

    looks like this blog was existing from Aug 7..why isn’t it getting listed in search results in any of the search engines? Also, is there a blog for: Aero, Windows Calendar, ReadyBoost-ReadyDrive and SuperFetch, MMC and MMC-based apps?

  2. Sidebar Geek says:

    The "Gadget Corner" blog may have been internal-only for a few weeks before going public.

    You can also use the search features for TechNet and MSDN to find other blogs out there in the public.

    As for Windows Calendar, that team does not have a official blog but you may want to pay special attention to Shawn Morrissey’s blog:

    – Brandon

  3. Ashwin says:

    Sidebar, can you give me the link to where i can report bugs? I found one in Media Center. The bu gis that the sound repeats. Its like scenes changing but there is one same dialogue repeating. its like me saying "you are", and than it repeating continuosly althought, the scene changes. Than after a couple of seconds later after you are, lets say, comes, "stupid book". its going to repeat that for like 5 seconds and this chain continuos. This is build 5536 watching live TV. Plus the media center seems to lag too much. Here are the specs of my computer:

    Intel Core 2 duo E6400

    2GB ram

    Nvidia 7300LE

    660GB HDD

    PS = this does not happen when I watch recorded videos. Hopefully they would have fixed that by 7th september, when the CPP members get access to RC1. They hopefully fixed it in RC1.

  4. Sidebar Geek says:

    You can report bugs and feedback via this site if you are not on the Technical Beta Program through Microsoft Connect:

    This site is for the CPP folks to submit bugs and feedback from their experiences with Vista.

    Hope this helps.

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