Why a New Windows Vista Build Prior to RC1?

Per my post from late last week, Microsoft has placed build 5536 online for public download.  Folks visiting this page over at the Windows Vista website are testing this interim build in anticipation of the upcoming release of RC1.

Let me clarify:  only the first 100,000 visitors downloading will receive the build, after which the site will be deactivated.   Our goal in offering this build publicly is to help identify and track issues before RC1 is designated for release.  Despite being so close to the actual release date of RC1, the download, installation and usage feedback you send us on this build is still extremely important -- otherwise, we'd not be spending resources on this interim build.

Again:  this is the same build released last week to Technical Beta and TAP testers.

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  1. nwhite says:

    FYI all — your PID key from Beta 2 will also work with this release, so no need to request a new one if you already have one.

  2. chipacito says:

    Why the Pre-RC1 is only to download in the x86 version?, will be available the x64 version too?. Greetings from Argentina and keep the good work.

  3. Damien Maspero says:

    Hello Nick.

    Congratulation for this great blog!

    For people like me who do not have a Beta 2 PID, is there any way we could get one for this PRE-RC1?

    Greetings from France!

    Damien Maspero

    email & Windows Live Messenger : damien.maspero@gmail.com

  4. dkordik says:

    Same question as the above poster, can we get PIDs for this build or do we have to do 14 days at a time until the real RC1?

  5. nwhite says:

    FYI, everyone:  An email announcing the pre-RC1 release was sent to registered Technical Beta and TAP testers, and only to these people.  This email included a PID key as well as instructions on how to use any previously-granted PID key.  We are not opening the pre-RC1 release to new users — only those who received the email — but that does not stop you from downloading the ISO file itself and registering this particular build if you already have a PID key.

    We are not disseminating new PID keys until RC1.

  6. chipacito says:

    Hello, I’m a Windows Vista Beta 2 Registered User and I would like to know if x64 of pre-rc1 is going to have a version.

  7. nwhite says:

    Hi chipacito:  the pre-RC1 build is only being offered in x86 (32-bit) format at this time, but keep an eye on the blog for news of our next 64-bit build of Windows Vista.

    Y gracias por tus comentarios halagadores 🙂

  8. Priyajeet says:

    When is RC1 due? A rough guess? before labor day or before end of this month? Thanks

  9. Mike Dimmick says:

    I’m concerned that people who don’t have a Beta 2 key will download this (then be unable to use it), using up a space that someone who does have a key could have used. You need to make it clearer on the download page that an existing key is required. Perhaps you should even have a roadblock, making users of the download page enter their key before being able to download.

    I have my download already, so I’m not quite so bothered, but I am a little concerned for my fellow Public Beta members. This is also important to you: there’s no point in having people download the software who can’t give you feedback because they can’t install it.

    If you hadn’t intended Public Beta members to download this, you should have put it on Connect.

  10. nwhite says:

    Hey Mike Dimmick:  we not as concerned with number of downloads but actually with number of activations.  That is to say, it doesn’t take up a "spot" if someone without a PID downloads the pre-RC1 build and is unable to activate it; only those with PIDs, meaning those who either received our pre-RC1 email or saved their PID from Beta 2, will be able to activate.

    It’s true that adding these folks to the download queue does take up bandwidth, but the reality is that not everyone who downloads activates in the first place.  We really have no way of controlling this other than to encourage as many people as possible to activate their downloads.

  11. Nitz says:

    Wow. I didn’t see this post until today, and it seems I already missed it. :

    I guess I’ll wait til RC1

  12. Computerpro2 says:

    Hi Priyajeet,

    Windows Vista RC1 will be available in the next 1-2 (3 at the latest, im sure nick will agree) weeks.

  13. Jud says:

    Hope the RC won’t have the problems that have just cropped up with Beta2 plus updates.  I hadn’t had time to run Vista for a couple of weeks.  In the interim, I made one change to my system – got the new MS Natural 4000 keyboard to replace an older MS Natural.  For some reason, what was a nicely working system 2 weeks ago now is dead slow until shortly after I sign in, when the screen goes completely black within seconds and never comes back on.  Tried safe mode, enabling/disabling various OS features, a complete partition wipe and reinstall – nothing works.  It seems to be connected to installing hardware drivers – that’s the step after which the problems begin.

    Any notion of what might be happening or a solution?  Any other helpful info I can provide?

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