Pre-RC1 Build Released

Last piece of news for tonight, this time from the Release Team:

"We are pleased to announce the release of Pre-RC1 build 5536.16385!  This build represents significant progress incorporating your Beta 2 and 5472 feedback.

We have made a lot of progress since Beta 2 and 5472, and we think you will notice the quality improvements that we’ve been seeing in the daily builds."

This interim build is not widely distributed (you'll have to wait for RC1) but does serve to underscore the progress the Dev and Test teams have made since Beta 2, while also confirming that we're still on track for the release of RC1 in the near future.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    re: デモ機のビルドはどうするか…

  2. Anonymous says:

    According to rumours by Paul Thurrott (and others) you can find Microsoft Windows Vista Release Candidate

  3. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft’s Nick White at the Windows Vista Team Blog:
    Last piece of news for tonight, this time from the Release Team:

    “We are pleased to announce the release of Pre-RC1 build 5536.16385!  This build represents significant progress

  4. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft last night pushed out another build of its forthcoming operating system, "Vista," build 5536, which the company is labelling "Pre-RC1" (Release Candidate 1).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Per my post from late last week, Microsoft has placed build 5536 online for public download.  Folks…

  6. Anonymous says:

    At the end of July, a group of influential beta testers began calling on Microsoft to further delay Windows Vista. Based on what they were seeing in the public Beta 2 and subsequent private releases, it appeared that Vista was headed…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Windows Vista Team Blog announced that a pre RC1 build 5536.16385 (to be precise) has had a limited release…

  8. jetkat says:

    Very excited to hear this news!

  9. mgillespie says:

    Shame paying MSDN subscribers don’t get access 🙁

    Manu sites are reporting the pre-RC1 will be on MSDN Subscriber Downloads, I just checked, and it’s not 🙁

  10. Zyphrax says:

    Great job, the screenshots look good!

    I was wondering, will the actual RC1 contain a new bootscreen, startup sound and some more goodies like that? Or are those RTM only?

    Some people are still waiting for Aero Diamond (although I thought Diamond was a codename for MCE), Aurora animated backgrounds, application scaling, Vector graphics and more. Any word on that ;)?

  11. n-blue says:

    I must say everything show the good progress. This time I do upgrade instead of clean install but still several improvement. I have talk about the stupidity of IE7 biuld 5563 aka pre-RC1. It render Thai font extreamly ugly (as I have seen before on Firefox).  If team read my comement and please take sort time to read my note on Live Spaces at!82C6834F8E7F11AE!415.entry

  12. Zyphrax says:

    I hear on a lot of forums the complaint that almost every application looks different. The menu/buttons in Explorer are different from the MediaPlayer menu and the Calendar and Mail have another different style.

    I personally really like the MediaPlayer UI. Maybe unify the UI of the applications? You did a great job on unifying the Gadget settings windows, so why not on those applications?

  13. Svab says:

    I nstalled it and have problem. Not possible install antivirus system which worked in before builds. I mean NOD32 or Comodo Antivirus or Kaspersky antivirus. NOD and Kaspersky during start installation give me error message "not possible install due compatibility, contact vendor". I try to install Comodo antivirus and after installation computer restart and crashed to BSOD. I need to reinstall system. Now i work without antivirus because those which i have i couldnt install. I dont know why. All other works excellent. Also all driver installs automaticly. But antivirus not working.

    Next what not working fine is new backup system. On my computer i have two partition. Both are primary. I try to chose backup to  second harddrive. But system dont give me possibility to do this. I can do it only to CD or DVD. If i try second option to network drive also wasnt possible to do this. During chosing network path system ask me network name and password to access to network drive. I use right name and password but system dont work and give me error message 0x80070523 and something about not possible use share. I dont know whay is not possible to use it. I have this share mapped as network drive and all working fine. But backup no. There is lot of work what team do on this new build but some is not finnished. I hope new build will be better.

  14. dsljay says:

    I just read a post by Mary Jo Foley that stated that MSDN users and some CPP beta 2 users (not all) were going to have access to this build the week of Aug 28th.  My only question is, why is TechNet Plus users left out?  

  15. nwhite says:

    hey Svab:  this blog is not designed for support; I’d suggest checking with someone in the newsgroups for help on your specific issue.

  16. nwhite says:

    hey dsljay:  we’ll have public access (albeit in limited qty) to RC1, so keep an eye on this blog for news on where to go to get it — should be soon 🙂

  17. The__Stranger says:

    Any word on a fix for Antivirus??????   I’m still looking for one that works.  It’s funny though, from the Security Center there’s a sponsored link that takes you to the Trend AV site but Trend doesn’t work with 5536.

  18. magdoug says:

    I am having problems with Pre-RC1 logging into a domain, and I cannot get a feedback report out.  Can someone help?

  19. nwhite says:

    n-blue, can you provide me with a URL as an example?

  20. nwhite says:

    Hey magdoug: send your feedback report to me via email and I’ll make sure it gets into the appropriate hands.

  21. boster says:

    I was wondering if any work is being done with the "BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant" error.  I have a Gateway 3018GZ notebook that was purchased 03/05.  XP does not have any issues with the BIOS.  Is there a workaround for this error?  I really would like to install and testdrive the OS.

  22. nwhite says:

    Hey n-blue:  I checked with my colleagues on the IE team and here’s what they said about the Thai font display:

    "There is nothing wrong with the display.  Note that we honor matching Latin text with "Verdana" when the author has specified that in his style sheet.  Verdana does not have Thai support so we font-link to the user’s preferred Thai font.  The text is readable but perhaps not optimal.  However, it is the web designer and not IE that controls this aspect of the experience."

  23. nwhite says:

    Hey boster:  Sounds to me like you’ll want to a BIOS update from Gateway, if one exists.

  24. magdoug says:

    nwhite: how do i email you the error report?  What email address should I use?  Or should I post it here?

  25. nwhite says:

    Hey magdoug:  Just click on the link that is my name <nwhite> on any of my posts and you’ll get to my profile, from which you can send me an email.  Look forward to hearing from you.

  26. Mike Dunn says:

    Well, pre-RC1 (or as I called it, RC1 RC) killed my laptop after just half a day of usage. It bluescreened on boot when trying to resume from hibernation, and never booted again. Video drivers never worked right either. Now I’m scared to try the real RC1 🙁

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