And While We’re Talking About Gaming …

Following up on yesterday’s post about hardcore gaming with Windows Vista, I wanted to let you know that Microsoft has posted a free trial of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  This long-awaited version of Flight Simulator is fully optimized for Windows Vista, which means you don’t have to wait to put it through its paces. Click here to get the free download and see for yourself that the gaming features in Windows Vista really rock!

Some eye candy:




Comments (5)

  1. Priyajeet says:

    I am assuming that the above shown eye candy is only possible with Vista + DX10 hardware.

  2. nwhite says:

    hey Priyajeet:

    Check these out, from here:

    System Requirements

    – Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista

    – Processor: 1.0 Ghz

    – RAM: Windows XP SP2 – 256MB, Windows Vista – 512MB

    – Hard Drive: 14GB

    – Video Card: 32MB DirectX 9 compatible

    – Other: DX9 hardware compatibility and audio board with speakers and/or headphones

    – Online/Multiplayer Requirements: 56.6 kbps or better for online play

  3. Pegasusrjf says:

    Nice pictures.  Unfortunately for me the installation will not finish on my Vista system.

    During the DirectX component checks the system just stops.

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