Windows Vista Build Number 5472

You've probably read this elsewhere:  Yesterday we released an interim build of Windows Vista, build number 5472, to Windows Vista Technical Beta program participants, members of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP), and MSDN and TechNet subscribers.  We did this to provide testers with a more recent build as well as to encourage application and device driver developers not covered by either TAP or TechBeta programs to accelerate their development efforts. 

Since releasing Windows Vista Beta 2, we’ve received a tremendous amount of customer feedback, and this build includes quality and performance improvements based on that feedback.

Build 5472 is not a CTP (Community Technology Preview), a type of release that normally undergoes more internal testing than an interim build before being released to external testers.  Similarly, Beta releases undergo even further internal testing.  Instead, this is an External Developer Workstation, or EDW -- an interim build from the RC1 tree.  I and others think we have made a great deal of progress on improving overall product quality, so we wanted to give a larger group of customers and partners the ability to test and develop on a more recent build.

In fact, this is the fourth interim build that we have delivered since the Enterprise CTP was released in February; however, this is the first time we have expanded the distribution for an interim build to MSDN and TechNet subscribers.  A number of folks in the community see the release of 5472 as evidence of Windows Vista’s increasing quality.  What has your experience been?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

Why release so frequently?  We've heard feedback that frequent releases are appreciated by our customers for testing and deployment planning.  The regular feedback we have received has continued to help Microsoft improve Windows Vista and ultimately ensure we are delivering the highest quality product possible.

And before anyone asks the question, yes, you can expect us to deliver RC1 later this quarter 🙂

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  1. dsljay says:

    I have a question since this build 5472 will be available to TAP, MSDN and TechNet users.  Does this mean that it will be available for download for all of these 3 groups?

    I honestly hope so.  That way, more bugs can be filed faster and fixed to hopefully get Vista ready for RTM by the current goal.

  2. rev23dev says:

    thanks for putting an updated build on msdn. please keep up with that. developers should be getting just as many builds as tech-beta testers.

  3. dsljay says:

    I have to agree with Rev23dev.  I also state that with aprox 6 months left before the current due date of vista should be RTM, MS should allow TechNet subscribers to be able to download the additional builds.  


    1: Finding even more bugs

    2: The more bugs submitted = better final product.

    3: Possibly more business’s will install Vista shortly after it is RTM from the feedback from their own IT departments.

    4: Waiting to send updated Vista builds via DVD may cause some bugs to go without being noticed.

    Bottom line:  Allow TechNet subscribers download Vista may result in a better overall product.

  4. John - says:

    I like the fact that they are coming out fast and with definite improvements from build to build.

    The UI improvements in 5472 are pretty cool.

    Also the builds have gotten snappier since Beta II.

    About that entire networking applet……..

  5. pc2100ddr says:

    Symantec Report: Vista Code Contains Security Loopholes,1895,1990662,00.asp

    I’m just downloading 5472 right now, and reading this I cannot say that I am not seriously concerned.  I hope that the Vista Team will address the issues discussed in this article/by Symantec in the upcoming pre-RC1 builds.  They are serious and after all these
    years since XP–we need a next generation OS that is far superior to the predecessor & the competition (Mac OS X & Linux specifically)!

  6. dsljay says:

    Hey pc2100ddr,

    Are you a technet subscriber?  If so, were did you go to download 5472?

  7. scalo says:

    Windows Firewall in 5472 still not good:

    Why there is not an option in order to be prompted for outgoing connections like for the incoming connections? Why it is not possible to create a rule on the fly when a particular program wants to establish an outgoing connection?

  8. nwhite says:

    Hey pc2100ddr:

    I’ve corresponded with a colleague and networking expert on your inquiry and he’s sent along this reply:

    "Given that Windows Vista is still in the beta stage of the development and not yet final, the claims made in this report are, at best, premature.  And given the extensive work we are doing to make Windows Vista the most secure version of Windows yet, we believe the claims are also unsubstantiated.

    Microsoft is working to keep the number of security vulnerabilities that ship in our products to a minimum, through our Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process, and that work is paying off.  Windows Vista has been developed with the highest attention to security and will be the first client-based operating system to go through the complete SDL.  Building on the significant security advances in Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista includes fundamental architectural changes that will help make customers more secure from evolving threats, including worms, viruses, and malware. These improvements minimize the operating system’s attack surface area, which in turn improves system and application integrity and helps organizations more securely manage and isolate their networks.

    The network stack in Windows Vista is an evolutionary step forward, incorporating many new features designed specifically with security in mind, including richer support for IPsec and its integration with the Windows Firewall and Group Policy to make network security easier to deploy and manage. Throughout the development of Windows Vista, we have worked with our customers to test the stack specifically for security and integration into existing environments. We continue to make improvements to the operating system based on this feedback. Highlighting issues in early builds of Windows Vista does not accurately represent the quality and depth of the networking features."

    Suffice it to say that the jury is still out.

    — Nick

  9. Teuzz says:

    I’d like to ask you, if there is any way for journalist to get this build. I’m a redactor of one of the most read Czech PC e-zine and I’m writing a couple of articles about Windows Vista. But I have only public Beta 2 for testing and this build is much more better – I’m unhappy, that I’m presenting bugs in 5384 and I can’t say "In 5472 it’s allright", because I don’t really know if it is true (there is no way to check it).

    The has the 5472, but I don’t know if there is any MSDN/TechNet Subsriber in the redaction or something else.

    Thank you

  10. lccro says:

    Question: is there a registry tweak we can enable vertically sync’ed DWM ?

    Thanks a ton.

  11. AdamE says:

    Hey Vista team!

    Have you fixed the issue of the really old-style dialog box appearing when adding a FONT?



  12. Banners says:

    Cant get the Mobile Sync Centre software – when I connect my device, it loads the Device Centre front screen, takes a while to check for updates, then brings up the mobile device centre screen. This asks me to click here to download the software. Then immediately I get a popup window – "The software update for the Windows Mobile Device Centre is not currently available on Microsoft Update"… Any plans to release for this version…..

  13. nwhite says:

    Hey Teuzz:

    Windows Vista Beta 2 is longer available to the general community at large; however, you should expect to the RC1 at some point in the near future.

    In the meantime, if you want to be part of one of our beta-testing programs, esp. in time for RC1, check out one of these pages:

    — Nick

  14. Steve_Muise says:

    So let me see if I understand, part of the touted great new functionality in Vista is the new Mobile Device Center. It looked to have great potential in the previous build. Now I have spent days rebuilding my laptop to the July build and re-installing my software (I know – not smart) only to find out the the Mobile Device Center is not only not available, but I can’t install ActiveSync either.

    OK, OK it is BETA, but if you want me to test and submit bugs I need to be able to USE the thing. No being able to synch my mobile device will keep me out of the Vista side of my dual-boot laptop.

    Love the new reliable drop, but get the other teams in sync when you drop another build.

  15. Steve_Muise says:

    Another thing – now I can’t use the new OneNote Mobile edition, the touted new feature of OneNote 2007.

  16. sfsd says:

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