IE Team Heats It Up at TechEd

The IE7 Team is really going all-out at TechEd in Boston this week to make an impression:

From: Matt <snip>
To: <snip>
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 9:40 PM
Subject: TechEd, Day 2

Another great day.  We were on fire...literally.  Someone left their notepad on one of our halogen lights and it started to burn.  I paused my demo, grabbed the pad and ran it to the men’s room.  It was about 100 feet from our station, and when I got halfway to the men’s room the pad really got going and I was basically carrying the Olympic torch at that point.  I made it to the sink just in time, and was able to put out the fire with only a modest amount of smoke filling the men’s room.  Then I went back my demo, where the customer was still waiting for me.  Someone tried to get a picture but it happened too fast.  At a minimum we have a customer with a great story to tell when he gets back to work.

We only wish they had gotten that photo ...

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Caught this over at the Windows Vista Team blog and was too funny to pass up blogging about – apparently

  2. alex says:

    hi ,

    i got to say i have Windows Vista build 5384 installed on my pc and apart from it being slow because i only have half of what is needed for maxmuim experience (1 gig of ram) its a cool piece of kit wih the sleek and sexy look to it top job microsoft…. i can’t wait to buy the final version in 2007

  3. adam says:


    Please include more drivers

  4. Andrés says:

    Will it include "burning pad protection" out of the box, or at least as an add-in?

    Great tale :=)

  5. Ian Oxley says:

    I’m not sure if system restore will work for you.

  6. Mitchell Wong says:

    It may just work… They all say that System Restore can go back to the last successful boot up… 😛

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