Windows Vista Beta2 Launched – Get the Download

On Tuesday of this week at WinHEC in Seattle we launched the Beta2 releases of Windows Vista, Windows Server and Office 2007. 

Take a minute to find out more about the features included in this milestone release of Windows Vista, including:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Improved Security
  • Search & Organization
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Sidebar & Gadgets
  • Advances in System Performance
  • Windows Backup
  • Networking Advances
  • Windows SideShow
  • Speech Recognition
  • Help and Feedback
  • Windows Update

Then, when you're ready, go to the Windows Vista MSDN download site to learn how you can download Windows Vista Beta2, WinFX Beta and the Windows SDK.

Comments (275)

  1. spike302 says:

    This post just assumes we’re all MSDN or TechNet Subscribers. I went rushing to the site and noticed it hasn’t changed. No Vista for me yet. *grumbles and waits patiently…though the patience is a lie*

    Comon! Y’all have me salivating. I don’t wanna wait any longer!

  2. dwa says:

    No one is going to find more bugs than a non-programmer using it…’m just sayin’

  3. Winblog says:

    In the coming weeks, Microsoft will start the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) for developers and IT professionals who are not members of the MSDN and TechNet subscription services.

    In the meantime, if you wish to become a beta program member, you can do so by registering for the world-wide Windows Vista Beta Experience:

  4. YnmcGM says:

    Why can’t I get the Vista Download URL?

    The site says,Vista beta version has not published yet.

  5. WyattWong says:

    I have installed the Vista Beta 2 (32-bit x86 edition) in my PC, but I found that it cannot recognize the 3Com 3C905C network card, so now I got no network to use and cannot connect to the Internet at all.

    Compared with Windows XP which comes with 3Com 3C90C netword card driver, I don’t know where to find the proper network card driver to run on my Vista Beta 2.

  6. Bruce says:

    Any idea as to when the CPP will be released?

  7. Sidebar Geek says:

    The minute the Customer Preview Program is launched, we will post it here at the Team Blog.

    Wyatt, some older hardware drivers may not work with Vista unfortunately. You can always try going and finding the drivers manually from the manufacturer’s website but Microsoft is phasing out some of the old hardware drivers in Vista so they can include as much of the latest stuff people are using now as possible.

  8. Melany says:

    Will the awesome ReadyBoost feature work with any modern PC with more than 6 USB ports?

    This is an astounding feature guys, I’ve been waiting for this since…oh man a long time!!!


  9. Sidebar Geek says:


    My PC has eight USB 2.0 ports and pretty modern and ReadyBoost works wonderfully.

    But remember, in order for ReadyBoost to work you must have USB 2.0 capable ports.

  10. Sommer says:

    Will my computer be able to run Vista well?

    My computers Specifications:

    Intel Pentium 4 Processor 515

    2.93 GHz, 1MB L2 cache,

    533 MHz FSB, 90nm

    1 GB

    400MHz DDR SDRAM memory


    7200RPM Serial ATA hard drive

    Integrated Intel GMA 900 Graphics

    with up to 128MB dynamic video memory

    Double Layer (8.5GB)

    8X DVD+-RW/=-R Drive

  11. Sidebar Geek says:


    I believe your PC should run Vista just fine – but just to make sure, you should download the new Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor just to make sure. The Upgrade Advisor will look at your hardware and determine how well your system will run Vista and give any recommendations on what you need to make it run Vista if needed:

  12. Steve says:

    Will the Vista Beta CPP have any limitations on it as opposed to the release version?

  13. Braden McGrath says:

    My company (a MS Certified Partner) has an MSDN subscription and thus I have access to Vista through it.  If I want to report bugs, how can I do so?  Is there a way I can be made into a member of the full beta program?

  14. Sidebar Geek says:


    I believe Microsoft is working on a way for you to submitt feedback as they move ahead with plans for the CPP. Currently, the full Technical Beta Program for Windows Vista is closed unfortunately.

    Since you are a Certified Partner, you may also check with your Partner Representative through the Partner Program on where you should send feedback. The Partner Program may have a way to take in your feedback but I’m not 100% positive.

  15. Sommer says:

    The Advisor enoucntered an error. It told me that ‘Windsat’ could not run. Is there anything I could do to make it work?

  16. Sommer says:

    encountered* (sorry about the typo)

  17. Sommer says:

    yet another typo …it was ‘Winsat’ —it couldn’t there a solution to this problem?

  18. chiklit says:

    Do you guys have any idea on a price yet. I’ve heard the Ultimate version might cost as much as $700 o.0

  19. Christopher Hatfield says:

    I the site is not very clear on upgrade advisor for Windows Server 2003 R2……..or this going to even be an option???

  20. Confused says:

    I believe the average consumer will be confused when looking at the different options available for Windows Vista.  I was just looking at the different options and, tech-saavy and all, I can’t decide which version would be right for me.  I believe there should be one OS, perhaps two (one for business one for home) period.  I believe the Mac OS has it right in offering only one version (with frequent updates) to consumers.

    What do you think?

  21. chiklit says:

    I agree. Offering so many options seems likely to confuse people and then people will be dissapointed if they get the wrong version and then it doesn’t have what they wanted in it.

  22. Kevin Power says:

    Try here for a better OS.



    give them a try you won’t die.

  23. paul says:

    What’s the delay in starting the CPP anyway? If Beta 2 is ready for MSDN subscribers, people at WinHEC, etc., why isn’t it available to all of us? Unless we’re getting a newer build (which would surely then not be Beta 2 but some kind of pre-RC1 build), I can’t understand the delay.

    Please give us an idea of what the reason for the delay is. I’m not asking for the date of the CPP but I think the reasons for this delay would be an interesting new thing for us to know as I don’t think I’ve seen it explained anywhere.

    (I’ve deliberately not asked for an available date because I know such queries are always brushed off with a response like ‘in the coming weeks’ – although if you do have a date I’d love to hear that too!)

  24. Sidebar Geek says:

    I wouldn’t say that there is a delay in regards to launching the CPP of Windows Vista. Microsoft never gave any official dates in terms of launching the CPP. Several folks had believed the CPP would be launched at WinHEC. I think Microsoft’s intentions have always been to launch a few weeks after WinHEC.

    Keep in mind that now that Beta 2 is out in a large amount of Beta Tester’s hands, Microsoft can now get early feedback to whether the build of Beta 2 is good enough to release to the general public through the CPP. So Paul, its quite possible if Microsoft isn’t happy with responses from the current Beta Testers with Beta 2 – they may go with releasing an updated Build.

    But I’m personally thinking we can expect the CPP to launch here very soon.

  25. Jacob Smith says:

    Why is Vista basically Microsoft’s attempt to copy Apple’s OS X. Any "new" feature has already been produced. The problem with Vista is the minimum requirements. Sommer seems to have a very nice computer, and it "should" be able to run Vista. You won’t see me paying for Vista, or a new computer.

  26. paul says:

    Sidebar Geek, thanks for your helpful input. I guess I’d just been misled, probably unintentionally, by various reports and coverage which had suggested, to me at least, that the CPP, Beta 2 and WinHEC were basically all one and the same in terms of timing.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’re right with your thinking about it being soon!

  27. Garry Trinder says:

    This has been bugging me for a while.  What are the 64-bit options for Vista?  Are only certain editions 64-bit, does each edition come in a 32/64 bit version, or is there one 64-bit aside from all the versions on the site?

  28. Ben says:

    How do I copy a file to %systemroot%System32 using a batch file?  As a network admin, I copy common utilities to %systemroot%system32 since that is the only path that is ALWAYS in the PATH variable.  I have always done this with a batch file, but now I get an access denied, even running as local admin.  Is there a ‘sudo’ equivalent?

  29. jgoforth says:

    Ted, I am pretty sure that all of the new editions will have both editions on the CD, presumably the install will decide which of the two to put on your computer.

  30. Sidebar Geek says:

    Ted, jgoforth is correct – its been said that all editions of Vista will come with the x32 and x64 bits. The only edition that won’t come in x64 is Windows Vista Starter Edition.

    The media that will come with all the install bits will be a DVD although I’ve heard talk of making CD versions available. With any possible CD version, expect multiple CD’s. Current images of Beta 2 ring in over 2.5GB with x64 bits making it a little bit more.

  31. Bruce says:

    I got a ‘Winsat’ error on the Windows Vista Updgrade advisor…any tips on how to repair this problem?

  32. Ben Hanson says:

    So many comments, where to start!?  There are 79 folders in System32, 37 of which appear to be localization info(cs-CZ, en-US,et-EE, etc).  Do us all a favor in the name of not cluttering the System32 directory, which some of us do occasionally need to dig through.  Put localizations in a localization folder!  While I’m at it, where is there a drivers folder and a DriverStore folder?

    As a network/server admin since 1997 and NT4, I’ve often wondered how much money MS spends on there Change for the Sake of Change department.  Find someone to organize the windows file structure once and for all and leave it alone!

  33. Winblog says:

    Bruce:  Our blog is not the best forum for product support — I’d suggest you check one of our public newsgroups for assistance; is a good place to start.

    I’ve passed your feedback on the Upgrade Advisor to the product team managing this app.

  34. Ashwin says:

    How can i get my hands on with Vista? How can I download it? its all very confusing. What is a Subscribers ID how do I get one, and How do i actually get my hands on Vista beta 2??


  35. Sidebar Geek says:

    A Subscriber ID is for MSDN Members. You must sign up for a MSDN Subscription to access Vista Beta 2 that way.

    Currently ony Technical Beta Testers, TechNet, and MSDN Members have access to Windows Vista.

    Microsoft is intending to launch a Customer Preview Program (CPP) in the very near future that will allow you to sign up and download it then.

    So to answer your question: you really can’t access the download to Vista unless your part of the groups I mentioned above.

  36. Ashwin says:

    So, I will have access to a LEGAL copy of Vista beta 2 when CCP is launched? Will I have access to all the features like Aero Glass?

  37. Sidebar Geek says:

    Of course! Through the Customer Preview Program you will have legal access to a full fledge copy of Windows Vista and its features including Windows Aero and Glass.

  38. Ashwin says:

    YES!! Aero Glass. I also have a software called WindowBlinds 5 and a skin for it called "Arrow" which is very similar to Aero Glass, almost the same. But it is a theme like software for Win XP, and I am waiting for Vista Ultimate edition.

  39. Ashwin says:

    Sidebar geek, Do you have any information about the pricing of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition???


  40. Sidebar Geek says:

    Pricing has yet to be announced for the SKU’s of Windows Vista so no unfortunately, I do not have any information on pricing.

    There’s been alot of "speculation" out there but nothing has been officially decided by Microsoft so unless you hear it from Microsoft first (like in PressPass on then take it with a grain of salt.

  41. Ashwin says:

    Are you going to buy Windows Vista? If yes, which edition.

  42. Ashwin says:

    Are all the editions of Vista going to come out at the same time? in Jan 2007(is another delay possible to push that date further?Probably) Im deciding on what to buy later at the end of year.

    DX10 video card(probably Nvidia g80) and of course a new computer with alota ram and a heavy processor, But i’ll see what the future holds.

  43. Sidebar Geek says:

    I am assuming all the versions will be available at the same time.

    Its also important to note that currently on the market is alot of hardware right now that can support Vista when it comes at the end of the year. One thing I learned at WinHEC is that there is a myth about how folks have to wait until the end of the year to buy hardware that supports Vista – this is not true. There is a ton of hardware on the market now that will be more than enough to support Vista with Windows Aero and all.

    Look for those Vista-capable stickers. I saw a bunch when I was at Fry’s the other day on a bunch of nVidia cards.

  44. Ashwin says:

    Well, I know that there is alot of hardware out there that can run Vista without any gliches, but I am also a gamer. So, I can’t just go out in the market and buy any card that can run Vista. I need a card that can run Vista, plus I need a card taht can provide sufficent power to run High-end games. Im waiting for DX 10 card because of a personal favorite game of min im waiting for min, Crysis

  45. Anonymous says:

    Vista looks cool…i have an idea though:   STOP COPYING MAC!

    seriously…"Instant search?"   "Sidebar?"    "Flip?"  You might as well just call them    spotlight, dashboard, and expose!

    How about thinking of some of your own ideas???

  46. Ashwin says:

    more like, how about windows STOPS COPYING, because Apple’s MAc OSX10 was released long ago.

    There is no way they could have read microsoft’s mind. its more like micro$oft copying from apple. Plus, I feel like punching Hill BillyGAtes in the FAce for making Halo 2 for PC a vi$ta-only game because he wants MONEY.

  47. Sidebar Geek says:

    Hey now, let’s try and offer constructive feedback here.

    I’m sorry you are upset they are making Halo 2 a Vista only game but this way it can utilize the advantages of DirectX 10 giving the player a much better gaming experience.

  48. Ashwin says:

    Im sorry, But whoes going to go and buy a DX 10 video card

  49. Ashwin says:

    Im sorry, But whoes going to go and buy a DX 10 video card the FIRST DAY IT IS RELEASED. I doubt anyone would.

  50. Sidebar Geek says:

    I have an ATI X300 PCI Express Video Card running Vista Beta 2 and I seem to be running DirectX 10 just fine. For gamers who already have high end ATI or nVidia cards, they may not have to buy a new video card to get the full effect of DirectX 10 on Vista for Halo 2.

  51. Sidebar Geek says:

    Also: my video card has been on the market for quite some time now too 😉

  52. Ashwin says:

    Well, Im a gamer and need to run games like Crysis, Enemy territory quake wars, and of course Halo 2. So, I need a dx 10 card not only for Crysis, but also, so I don’t have to upgrade for the next 2 years.

  53. Ashwin says:

    Well, Im a gamer and need to run games like Crysis, Enemy territory quake wars, and of course Halo 2. So, I need a dx 10 card not only for Crysis, but also, so I don’t have to upgrade for the next 2 years.

  54. Ashwin says:


    Do you work for Microsoft? Are you a IT prof or Developer? cause you sound like one and you seem to know a lot about Vista and Halo 2. Do you have any contact with Bungie???

  55. Ashwin says:

    Go to this website to find out what I’m talking about sidebar.

    Whoa, that came out pretty big. its an interview with the develpoer of Crysis. The developer tells you about the true power of DX10 and what it is capable of doing.

    need your email, i got a lot of questions for you.

  56. Sidebar Geek says:

    Windows Vista and its technologies are my main focus and passion. I don’t work for Microsoft, just a friend of the community.

    I try to help answer questions to the best of my abilities from what I know.

    You’re right, having a DirectX 10 card will be a big need for playing DirectX 10 games on Vista. Maybe we can get the folks running this blog to get us more information of DirectX 10 and what we’re really looking at here.

  57. Ashwin says:

    Are you a gamer? How do you have windows vista b2?

  58. Sidebar Geek says:

    I’m kind of a gamer. I tend to like to play simulation games rather than first-person-shooters. I like Flight Simulator.

    I also have an Xbox 360 so I play console games through that. PGR3 is what I’m trying to tackle now.

    I have Beta 2 for Vista because I am a technical beta tester and I also attended WinHEC this year.

  59. Ashwin says:

    So, everyone at the HEC2006 got a copy of Vista b2? or how do you become a technical beta tester??

  60. Same anonymous as before says:

    I know windows is copying Mac…that’s what i meant

  61. Ashwin says:

    So sidebar geek, everyone at the HEC2006 got a copy of Vista b2? or how do you become a technical beta tester??

  62. Sidebar Geek says:

    I don’t believe everyone at WinHEC got copies but quite a few did and the technical beta tester program is now closed so I am unaware of any way to get in. The Customer Preview Program should be launching soon though for you to get access to the Beta.

  63. Ashwin says:

    FREEE vista b2???

  64. Sidebar Geek says:

    I am unsure of any Customer Preview Program details. Those will come from Microsoft in the near future.

  65. Ashwin says:

    SHoot! i thought it was going to be free!

  66. Sidebar Geek says:

    I never said it was going to cost anything nor did I say it would be free rather I don’t know what Microsoft will do until they disclose their Customer Preview Program details.

  67. Ashwin says:

    Did you get it for Free??? just by signing up? without paying?

  68. MARIE says:

    Hi Sidebar Geek. I have posted on one of the other blog sections of vista & thought maybe I could have some type of response from some one, but never got one. Here is what I wrote:

                       I like the new version of windows vista that Microsoft is coming out with, but I think the hardware requirements are to demanding leaving a lot of consumers in the dust. The demands were not to high for XP version of windows and considering that I just think the demand for Vista is way to high. I am excited about the new build of windows. We use our computers for everything, but at the same time I am not happy because I just bought a new computer a month ago, that has not even been a year pass its warranty and that will now need more memory, (same for the computer I bought one year ago) in order to meet the new Vista build requirements. Isn’t there anyway Microsoft could make a lighter build of this OS?

    I am wondering if there is anyway, you could answer? I know from what I see you are only a friend of the Microsoft community & you do not work for them. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

  69. Sidebar Geek says:

    Marie, how much memory does your new system have?

    You can always try and run the new Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and see how well your system you bought a month ago will run Vista. I suggest trying it.

    I bought a Dell laptop four months ago and it doesn’t run Windows Aero for Glass but without Glass it runs fine with 512MB of RAM.

    Microsoft is offering a wide variety of SKU’s for Vista as well. It looks like the Windows Vista Home Basic might be an option for you giving you all the features you really need to experience Vista and take advantage of its newest technologies.

    But try the Upgrade Advisor Tool and tell me how much memory your new system has and maybe we can find out what’s the best solution for you.

  70. Ashwin says:

    Windows Vista Home Basic  doesnt have the cool guy aero graphics and yes, you will need a good graphic card, for example, ATI X300xpress or Nvidia 6150 or 6100. they usually some with laptops and desktop computers.

  71. Ashwin says:


  72. MARIE says:

    Sidebar Geek,

                        The one pc I bought was at the store, shipped from emachines. On the box it said 512 MB of Ram, but when you look in windows it saids 384 MB of Ram. The one I bought last year said 512 MB of Ram & windows saids there is only 448 MB of Ram. Both machines are made by the same manufacturer. I tried the upgrade advisor, just so you know. Neither machine will make it in terms of memory. My opinion is, I think this is unfair to consumers who have invested their dollars in something they believe would last a while. I just wish Microsoft would of took a good look at what manufacturers where selling before jumping the hardware requirements for a new OS. I am not the only consumer who has bought pcs such as this, but what about the other consumers out there who have the same problem? How long will Microsoft support updates for windows xp? The reason I think it is really demanding, because for a computer to run just regular XP you only needed 128 MB of Ram . On Media Center a brand new pc would have to be 256 MB of ram. Most consumers probably are using just plain old windows xp and not media center. Taking this into consideration, there are probably a lot of consumers out there that are probably using there pcs for everything, regardless of whether it is media center edition or not. I know I like to watch DVD movies on my computer & the children do to, we like play all the nice games that are family friendly on the store shelves or off the internet. We like our home networking, & working with digital photos, & even printing them up. We like making home movies and burning DVDS. We use all the features that Windows Xp has to offer, and we leave no feature of windows neglected, and everyone else I know does the same thing regardless of whether it is a friend or family member.  We do not have media center pcs, but still use them for everything as you see. The first version of vista does not sound that appealing to me, I would not want that one at all. But anyways, Sidebar Geek thanks for your input and trying to help out.

  73. Ashwin says:

    Through Virtual memory You can triple your amount or RAM. I did it, not a big difference. But much better performance than before.

  74. MARIE says:

    Hello Ashwin,

                        Thanks for the input, I know what you are talking about, because I had to do it on my friends computer once. They were getting low and needed more. So I used virtual memory. But would it make a difference with vista.

  75. Schimmy says:

    Im wondering if any of you heard any news lately about the release of windows vista beta 2 to the general public

  76. Ashwin says:

    YES!! Vista beta 2 will be FREE!! to public. Heres proof.
    and look under development, read the last 5-6 lines and it states, “Windows Vista Beta 2 was released to testers on May 23, 2006; availability of Beta 2 will be expanded in the coming weeks to include Microsoft’s Customer Preview Program — essentially a free download.”

  77. Ashwin says:

    NO, i doubt virtual memory would come in handy using vista because Vista requires a lot of memory. But, yes, CPP will be anounced VERY SOON! which means FREE VISTA BETA 2. heres proff that it will be FREE!
    Go and read under DEVELOPMENT, which is the 2nd category and ready the last 6-7lines, which state “Windows Vista Beta 2 was released to testers on May 23, 2006; availability of Beta 2 will be expanded in the coming weeks to include Microsoft’s Customer Preview Program — essentially a free download.”

  78. Ashwin says:

    NO, i doubt virtual memory would come in handy using vista because Vista requires a lot of memory. But, yes, CPP will be anounced VERY SOON! which means FREE VISTA BETA 2. heres proff that it will be FREE!
    Go and read under DEVELOPMENT, which is the 2nd category and ready the last 6-7lines, which state “Windows Vista Beta 2 was released to testers on May 23, 2006; availability of Beta 2 will be expanded in the coming weeks to include Microsoft’s Customer Preview Program — essentially a free download.”

  79. Earl says:

    If anyone has any inside information about the release date aobut windows vista beta 2. I would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

  80. Ashwin says:

    No, sry Marie, virtual mem might not help you alot using vista, but I’m not garunteeing that it wouldn’t work, it is a possiblity that your computer might start to work like a high-end computer. I’m not betting on it not to work, but if you are really thirst, give it a shot.

  81. Ashwin says:

    YES!! just found out that CPP will be like getting a FREE COPY OF LEGAL VISTA BETA 2!! YAY! heres proof:
    go down to the 2nd category, do DEVELOPMENT, and read the last 5-6 lines maybe 7 lines, 2 of them state “Windows Vista Beta 2 was released to testers on May 23, 2006; availability of Beta 2 will be expanded in the coming weeks to include Microsoft’s Customer Preview Program — essentially a free download.”

  82. Ashwin says:

    YES!! just found out that CPP will be like getting a FREE COPY OF LEGAL VISTA BETA 2!! YAY! heres proof:
    go down to the 2nd category, do DEVELOPMENT, and read the last 5-6 lines maybe 7 lines, 2 of them state “Windows Vista Beta 2 was released to testers on May 23, 2006; availability of Beta 2 will be expanded in the coming weeks to include Microsoft’s Customer Preview Program — essentially a free download.”

  83. MARIE says:


              Nah, that is ok. Thanks for the suggestion anyhow and thanks for the input.

  84. Sidebar Geek says:


    Sorry about your memory problems. I am in the same boat with my Dell Laptop. I bought it a few months ago and it doesn’t support Windows Aero.

    Microsoft actually worked with hardware vendors on making the hardware requirements acceptable. Microsoft has done quite of bit of updating to the Windows code as well as adding many new revolutionary features into Vista that allow it to perform better than XP in areas such as security and performance.

    If memory is an issue, I’m sure you can work with the vendor who sold you your systems to add more memory. Vista runs well with 512MB of RAM. You can also use ReadyBoost to give you more memory too. For your low end PC’s, I recommend Windows Vista Home Basic because it will give you all the great features – and yes it won’t have Windows Aero and Glass but Vista isn’t just about Aero and Glass!

    You also said you are unsure if Vista would be worth it to you. I can tell you right now I’m running Vista full time and using many of its new features such as Windows Photo Gallery to organize my digial photos or playing DVD’s through Media Center and Windows Media Player. Its hard for me to move back to XP.

    Earl and Schimmy – no news yet on details for the upcoming Customer Preview Program for Windows Vista Beta 2 but news and information is expected very soon.

  85. Sidebar Geek says:

    When I say I am in the same boat, I don’t mean that I need more memory for Windows Aero rather just like Marie, I’m missing a piece of hardware that will make my Vista experience better. In Marie’s case she’s missing memory.

    But running Vista without Glass on my Dell laptop runs great.

  86. MARIE says:

    Sidebar Geek,

                        Thank You so much for the response, what version of Vista are you using on your laptop?How much memory do you have in your laptop? If you don’t mind me asking, thank you.

  87. Sidebar Geek says:

    My laptop has 512MB of RAM and runs Vista great. Problem is that is doesn’t have a video card that supports Aero Glass so I’d probably get Windows Vista Home Basic for it. Home Basic comes with all the features I’d want to use on my laptop.

  88. Ashwin says:

    I know that! You insulting me? lol. just kidding. I know Vista is more than just Aero glass and its more about have all the new experiences like better security and blah blah blah

  89. Ashwin says:

    But in the discpription, it states that Vista home basic will be “severly limited” at times. BUt oh well. FREE VISTA BETA 2 BABY is what I’m waiting for. CPP is like free Vista beta 2. Heres proof:
    Go to the 2nd category, DEVELOPMENT, ready like the last 6-7 lines. 2 of them will state that “Windows Vista Beta 2 was released to testers on May 23, 2006; availability of Beta 2 will be expanded in the coming weeks to include Microsoft’s Customer Preview Program — essentially a free download”. YEAH!! FREE BETA 2!

  90. Ashwin says:

    But in the discpription, it states that Vista home basic will be “severly limited” at times. BUt oh well. FREE VISTA BETA 2 BABY is what I’m waiting for. CPP is like free Vista beta 2. Heres proof:
    Go to the 2nd category, DEVELOPMENT, ready like the last 6-7 lines. 2 of them will state that “Windows Vista Beta 2 was released to testers on May 23, 2006; availability of Beta 2 will be expanded in the coming weeks to include Microsoft’s Customer Preview Program — essentially a free download”. YEAH!! FREE BETA 2!

  91. MARIE says:

    Sidebar Geek,

                        When you say all features for Vista you need to run on your laptop, what do you mean? I thought Vista Home Basic was just for internet and email and it did not have all the features such as the media player, and the ability to view and edit digital pictures, make movies? You know stuff like that? Just curious that is all. I like the work that Microsoft is doing, I think it is great how they are improving the OS and making it very reliable for consumers a great plus for the Microsoft :). Thus, giving them almost the same experience as the Mac OSX. I am glad to see Microsoft is trying very hard & I am hoping that the future versions of Windows will be just as nice too.

  92. Sidebar Geek says:

    Well, first off I am much more protected with Vista’s security features which come in all versions. I am also able to utilize Windows Media Player 11 to play DVD’s and download music, I can use Windows Photo Gallery to organize my photos, I use Windows Calendar to create Calendars (which I then publish for folks to see) – I love Vista’s enhanced Desktop Search for finding all my stuff. I also get Sidebar too!

    There’s alot more.

    With Home Basic I do not get Media Center or Tablet PC functions but I don’t use those on my laptop.

    I will try and get online a Vista SKU Comparison for you to take a look at and see what you get sometime tomorrow.

    But of PC’s that aren’t so powerful, Home Basic should work just fine – its working fine more me on my not so powerful Dell!

  93. Nathanael Jones says:

    Does anybody know if Copy & Paste has been improved in Windows Vista? I freqently encounter fatal errors while copying files between different file systems or when a source file is locked. Does anybody know if Windows Vista will bring the GUI file transfer system up to the reliability level of the command-line?

    Please read the full description of the problem at

  94. philly says:

    I heard it might be a while before vista beta 2 will hit the general publics hands. Can anyone verify this information for me.

  95. philly says:

    I heard it might be a while before vista beta 2 will hit the general publics hands. Can anyone verify this information for me.

  96. Sidebar Geek says:

    Its coming sooner than later.

    Details are expected real soon now.

  97. philly says:

    How soon do u think we will get the details and how soon do u think we will get our hands on it

  98. Sidebar Geek says:

    I’m not quite sure exactly. I think what they are doing is they are making sure the current Build released to testers privately is good enough to release to the general public. I’d say atleast a week or so before any details.

    Of course expect news to hit this blog first too when the Customer Preview Program is launched.

  99. philly says:

    Do you have the vista beta 2 Sidebar Geek

  100. Tomie says:

    There’s no way i can wait that long to get my hands on the beta.

  101. Sidebar Geek says:


    Yeah I’ve been running Windows Vista Beta 2 for almost two weeks now and its been fantastic!

  102. philly says:

    How did u get your hands on it.

  103. Sidebar Geek says:

    I am a Technical Beta Tester (program is now closed since the CPP is coming up soon).

  104. Caety says:

    Is their anyway you can send me the download in my e-mail.

  105. Tammy says:

    Can you give me the hyperlink to the CPP website.

  106. Sidebar Geek says:

    Tammy, there is currently no URL for the Customer Preview Program as of yet but its coming I assure you.

    Caety, I cannot send copies of Beta 2 to people unfortunately. Sorry.

  107. Ashwin says:

    Caety, I doubt that he can send you the Vista beta file through email, its tooooo big. Plus, I’m not sure if would be illegal to do that. I have downloaded pirated version of Vista beta 5308 and 5342. But haven’t installed them, and do not intend to.

    Tammy, I’m just going to get a legal copy Vista beta 2 from CPP. And CPP isn’t announced yet. So, you can’t download it yet! But if you have patience like me, then you’ll get it very soon.

  108. Caety says:

    What do you think is the best web site for the news about windows vista beta 2.

  109. Sidebar Geek says:

    Oh there are a ton of sites that are excellent resources for Windows Vista! This one of course is a great place as well as The Hive and MANY MANY others.

    One thing that Microsoft has is a great set of community websites that are talking about their stuff! Just search up Vista Bets 2 in your search and you’re bound to find some excellent sites.

  110. Timmy says:

    How do u know that we would get the news in a week or so. Just Wondering

  111. alan says:

    this is crazy.!!!!. im a beta tester for office 2007 and oem and member only for msdn and partner and still cant get download. when will us beta testers get the vista thanks

  112. Mariano says:

    Works great for me (32bit), only the sound card driver was not recognized (SB live!24bit HD integrated)  but i get the beta drivers from and its working great now.

    I’m very impressed with this release, good job guys 🙂

  113. MARIE says:

    Sidebar Geek,

                        Thanks for all the info, was not able to view your comment till today. Our internet was down all day yesterday from our internet sevice provider. So I could not come on line to your response. With your help, you have also helped me decide which version of Vista would be great and thank you very much. Sorry for taking up so much of your time.

  114. Tbird says:

    I have been running Beta 2 for a few days now and I am impressed with it so far. I really like the new look with Aero and Glass.

    I am running an older P4 system , 1.8GHZ, 768 RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 w/ 128mb. It’s not a very fast system but Vista runs pretty good, no complaints. The only thing I have had an issue with is DVD playback. Media Player is very slow to start up once I put in a movie disk and the playback is a bit choppy. It may be because of the video card but I’m not sure, haven’t looked into it yet.

    The only problems I had with the upgrade from XP was an older network card it didn’t like and a couple of applications had to be removed, Alcohol 120% and PowerDVD.

    I haven’t had time yet to really dig into the new system but so far I really like Vista.

  115. Ashwin says:

    Oh my god!! I’m getting impatient. I’m getting tired of waiting for Vista beta 2 and CPP.

  116. Geo says:

    Yes, seriously, I want the CPP!!

  117. Ashwin says:

    Hell ya! Side bar, can you use your super genius brain to tell me when is CPP going to be?

  118. Ashwin says:

    OH my holy hell god!!!! I’m moving to Oregon ion august Sidebar geek. More specific, Eugene, OR. HOLY HELL YES!! Yes!! moving to oregon Sidebar

  119. Ashwin says:

    For everyone’s info, I think Sidebar lives there.

  120. Sidebar Geek says:

    My super genius brain huh? Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not…

    Don’t worry folks, the CPP is coming. Microsoft wants to make sure everything is all set right so there aren’t any issues. When you’re rolling out a CPP intended for 2 million users, you’re going to want to get it right.

  121. Ashwin says:

    I’m moving to Oregon, dude!!! You live in Oregon. I’m moving in August.

  122. DJ TECH says:

    Ashwin, how did you get the pirated version of Windows Vista? I am a 13 year old and I am impatient for Windows Vista. I have Office 2007 and it works ok, but I am literaly dying for Windows Vista. I am in all of the Beta programs but I still can’t get it. Give me a link or ask me and I will give you my e-mail. Thans

  123. Sidebar Geek says:

    DJ TECH – please refrain from discussing pirated software here. Its both inappropriate and unprofessional. You will have your hands on a copy of Beta 2 through the Customer Preview Program quite soon.

  124. DJ TECH says:

    you are right, thank you

  125. Uppy says:

    I just recieved an e-mail about Windows Vista Customer Preview Program, does this mean i can download it now.

  126. TimeSaver says:

    ya i this recieved that to, what can i do now.

  127. Sidebar Geek says:

    Go get Vista Beta 2 everyone!

    Have fun!

  128. Ashwin says:

    WTF!!! I thought this crap was going to be free! It said a FREE DOWNLOAD! Microsoft Bitches

  129. Sidebar Geek says:


    Not sure what you’re talking about here. I completed the entire CPP process and downloading the Beta 2 CPP is indeed free.

    Perhaps you didn’t read it all the way – you can order DVD shipments which cost a bit to have shipped.

    But the download itself does not cost anything.

    Let me clarify: when you go to the CPP page it will ask you to “order” the Beta. You choose your location, sign in using your Windows Live ID (Passport) and you then have the ability to download the Beta.

    Again – no where does it charge you for the Beta Download.

  130. Ashwin says:

    Is it Free??? i’m downloading fingers crossed. YES!! ITS FREE! I lOVE U SIDEBAR (note really, just complimenting your skills). YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!

  131. Ashwin says:

    I don’t really love you,I’m a guy

  132. Ashwin says:

    ERROR!! why isn’t x64 editions working? I’m not able to download the .iso WHY? Sidebar, got answer?

  133. DJ TECH says:

    This is not fair,

    Sidebar, when I start downloading Vista, the program it gives me says that the connection has been canceled, WHY?????

  134. DJ TECH says:

    Ashwin, not even the x32 edition is working. Do you think it is because too many people are trying to download? What the hell is the problem???

  135. Sidebar Geek says:

    It might be due to high amounts of traffic. My download is still going. Could also be your internet connection too.

    I am downloading both x32 and x64 without any issues currently.

  136. DJ TECH says:

    It has got to be the traffic. My connection is perfect. It has never failed me and this won’t be the first time. It keeps on telling me:

    The server has prematurely ended the connection. Retrying may solve the problem.

    Then I retry it serveral times, it works for a minute and the same thing happens. Everything was ok for the first 27 percent of the download. How far is yours?

  137. Ashwin says:

    Oh come on! not fair to me! Alright, heres another problem. It all of a sudden crashed and said, the download manager cannot handle it anymore and is cancelling download. WTF IS THAT???!!

  138. Ashwin says:

    Exactly DJ, it failed for the first time, it said, the manager can’t download it any longer and is cancelling download

  139. Ashwin says:

    7 % so, consider yourself lucky.

  140. Ashwin says:

    7 % so, consider yourself lucky.

  141. DJ TECH says:

    you might think that at my young age of 13 i can’t advise you but, the best thing you can do is retry it as many times as you have to. mine says:

    The server has prematurely ended the connection. Retrying may solve the problem.

    and i just keep on retrying

  142. DJ TECH says:

    i have 27%

  143. DJ TECH says:

    now 28%

  144. DJ TECH says:

    now it says:

    Network error, cannot download. Check connections, and try again. Would you like to retry now?

    just keep on trying. it has got to be the traffic, like sidebar said.

  145. Ashwin says:

    DAMNIT!! mine is just starting. how is yours going so FAST?

  146. Sidebar Geek says:

    Mine is around 30% and moving slow. But I can be patient. Like I have said before, alot of people will be downloading this so don’t expect blazing fast speeds.

    Ashwin, for tech support questions regarding your issues with the download manager:

    Microsoft created newsgroups for Windows Vista Beta 2. To join or read postings in these newsgroups please visit

  147. Ashwin says:

    Na, i don’t underestimate you. I’m 14.

  148. DJ TECH says:

    i have a 1.5 mbps connection

  149. DJ TECH says:

    and it is still going slow

  150. Ashwin says:

    I’m patient. I’m not worried about it slowing down. I’m worried about it crashing when I’m sleeping at night. It’s 11 at night here.

  151. DJ TECH says:

    i will also be patient, i will stay awake all night if i have to, just to get windows vista

  152. DJ TECH says:

    wow ashwin, and i thought i was the only young computer master in the world. wow. can i have your e-mail address. it would be cool to chat with you.

  153. Ashwin says:

    It seems that we all are active online, right? Cause we are messaging each other like crazy, Sidbar, you live in Oregon??? I’m moving there in August, moving to Eugene, OR

  154. Sidebar Geek says:

    Let’s not fill the comments here on the blog with how far our download is.

    Its just going to be slow and that’s the way its going to be with so many people downloading the build. Nothing we can do but wait for our downloads to finish.

    If you have troubles with the download I suggest heading over to the newsgroups to possibly find an answer as to why you are having issues.

    By the way, I know very few 13 and 14 year olds who would know how to download a build of Windows Vista so its nice to see the young folks interested in Vista 🙂

  155. DJ TECH says:

    I live in Mission, Texas. It is 9:55p.m.

  156. DJ TECH says:

    Sidebar, how old are you?

  157. Ashwin says:

    It always says, network error wanna retry?? I did that for like 20 times now. DJ, we got same internet

  158. DJ TECH says:

    mine says the exact same thing. thanks for your mail. mine is:

  159. Ashwin says:

    WHen can I expect a clear up of the craappy server?!?!

  160. DJ TECH says:

    good question!

  161. Ashwin says:

    But yours is like 50% done. mine isn’t even 1 percent.

  162. DJ TECH says:

    no, its 28 and with lots of problems.

  163. Ashwin says:

    Hey, sidebar, shouldn’t you be connected to like billions of people?? because there are like 1000000 people downloading. Seeder? shouldn’t there be alot of seeders?

  164. DJ TECH says:

    what kind of helps a lot is refreshing the internet frequently.

  165. Ashwin says:

    hmmm. 435bytes per sec, very interesting

  166. Ashwin says:

    Intruiging, wow, what an increase of speed from 435 bytes to 8.5kbytes. Hmm. sidebar, HELP!!@!@ When is this stupid junk gonna clear up?

  167. DJ TECH says:

    mine the lowest has been 19kb. that’s like the max, but with tons of problems.

  168. DJ TECH says:

    it works for me

  169. Ashwin says:

    YES!! YES!! speed going down, going down, to 58bytes per sec. wowvy!

  170. DJ TECH says:

    you need to change your attitude. be patient

  171. DJ TECH says:

    holy god, 2.92kb per second. this is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now i am furious. until now, microsoft had never dissapointed me.

  172. Ashwin says:

    I don’t think my dad will let me stay up all night for this. Sidebar, get your butt up here, help us!! Sidebar, you live in oregon?

  173. DJ TECH says:


    i have the advantage of being let awake all night long.

    wait its going faster now. good

  174. DJ TECH says:

    ashwin, there is not really something in which sidebar can help. it depends to our connections and our luck

  175. DJ TECH says:

    sidebar, how far is yours?

  176. Sidebar Geek says:

    Guys, let’s be a little more mature here.

    The connection issue is out of my hands and the hands of the people who run this blog…so complaining here isn’t going to help.

    You will just have to be patient or go to the newsgroups plain and simple.

  177. DJ TECH says:

    i know, that’s the same thing i told ashwin

    read above so you can see.

  178. DJ TECH says:

    Sidebar, how is yours going. mine is 32%. I think i will be up all night. It is 11:45p.m. I need this Vista.

  179. Sidebar Geek says:

    I gave up for tonight. I’m going to let you all download it first then I’ll download it later on. I was on 42%.

  180. DJ TECH says:

    i am now on 35 but i can’t give it up. good night

  181. Jack says:

    Does anyone here now how to create a partition for vista. I’ve only got to choose from trail versions but didn’t get any. Do you know of any partition trials that I could use, or anything else that would help.

  182. Ashwin says:

    I’m going with Sidebar, goodmorning. Sidebar, I agree with your strategy, let the server clear up and then go for it.

  183. Ashwin says:

    ahh! I love my connection, its actually downloading it for the first time, 900kbps

    Thx for da advice sidebar, i am patient. JACK, I have no clue how to solve your problem, ask Sidebar

  184. Ashwin says:

    YES!! 1mbps, and rising. just started 5 secs ago and downloads already up to 9%.

  185. Jack says:

    Sidebar can you help me.

  186. Ashwin says:

    Is he even on?

  187. DJ TECH says:


  188. DJ TECH says:

    Sidebar, after it is finished, it is left in a .dlm file. What do I do, I thought it was going to be in a ISO, What is the problem?

  189. Sidebar Geek says:

    DJ TECH – as stated before, this blog isn’t a place for tech support, rather a place to point you in the right direction and talk about Vista in general.

    Please direct all your tech support issues and questions to the new Beta 2 Newsgroups Microsoft has set up.

    Microsoft created newsgroups for Windows Vista Beta 2. To join or read postings in these newsgroups please visit

  190. DJ TECH says:

    thank you for the page but that page is for people who already have vista running. I have a 99 percent and then it kind of crashed. I was using the program Microsoft was offering and it is sill frozen, I can’t do anything, not even close it. I am scared that if I close it through the Task Manager, I wont be able to finish it right, and the shortcut on the Desktop is no longer there.

  191. Ashwin says:

    Sidebar is being a pussy. He knows what to do, but not telling you. First step: go download alcohol soft 120% from here:

    after that: install it, at the end when it asks to say reboot now or later, say reboot"later". then open it up: when it is successfully opened, then go to my computer, and you’ll see another dvd drive there. right click it, then go to "mount image" and click open, now, wherever you saved your image file, go there, click on your image (.iso file) and click open, it’ll mount it on your virtual drive and pop up, it’ll be something like intall windows or something. then install it.

  192. Sidebar Geek says:

    DJ TECH – the page is for Beta 2 users and folks wanting to use Beta 2. You can go and signup for the newsgroups to get answers to your tech support questions.

    I cannot help you with the Download Manager or any issues regarding the download in General nor can the folks running this blog. Its not something they are (or myself) involved in.

  193. Sidebar Geek says:

    Ashwin, let’s try to be appropriate here ok?

  194. Ashwin says:

    Sry! alrite, DJ, you done downloading? if you are, here is where you should go, to learn how to burn. nice rhyming

  195. Ashwin says:

    SIDEBAR!!!! you live in oregon??

  196. Ashwin says:

    Download Instructions

    Once you complete the registration process, we will send you an e-mail message with download instructions and a link for accessing the Windows Vista Beta 2 (ISO file) using a download manager. We recommend that you use the download manager as it will let you resume the download if your Internet connection is interrupted. (You will receive another e-mail message when RC1 is available.)

    After completing the download, you will need to burn the ISO file to a DVD. This means you’ll need a DVD burner with appropriate software. If you are unsure if your DVD burning software will support burning an ISO file, please refer to your DVD burning software program and search “Help” for instructions on creating a disc from an ISO file. If you are still unsure about burning your own DVD, ordering the Windows Vista Beta 2 DVD kit might be a better option for you.

    Here’s a summary of how to download, burn, and install Windows Vista Beta 2:

    1. Download the ISO image file from the location indicated in the e-mail message you receive after registering, and save the file to your hard disk. (If the download prematurely terminates you can resume the download process from where you left off using the download manager.)
    2. Using a DVD burner and software, burn the ISO image of Windows Vista Beta 2 to a new blank DVD. Most DVD burning software will recognize an ISO file. If your software does not automatically recognize this format, refer to the software’s “Help” section for instructions.
    3. Insert the DVD on which you burned the software into the DVD drive of the computer on which you want to install Windows Vista Beta 2.
    4. The installation process should start automatically. If it does not, run Setup from the DVD to begin installation and follow the step-by-step instructions that appear on the screen.

  197. DJ TECH says:

    i know how to burn, and if i had the file as an ISO i could. what i am trying to do is to convert it to a zip file and then unzip it. its a long process, but hopefully it works. if not, i will follow your advice since it is the olny one available. thank you ashwin and thank you sidebar.

  198. Ashwin says:

    Hmmm. sidebar not talking? SIDEBAR!!!!! you live in oregon????

  199. DJ TECH says:

    whats the big deal from where he lives?

  200. Ashwin says:

    i wanna know where he lives, got a problem with that? just playing with ya man.

  201. DJ TECH says:

    naah, its just taht its kind of inmature asking a person  where he lives and just trying to get an answer if he doesnt want to. and it is also his privacy.

  202. DJ TECH says:

    what are you doing right now?

    do you have vista or still downloading?

  203. Ashwin says:

    I want to know because he lives in Oregon, and I’m moving to ORegon this august.

  204. Ashwin says:

    It’s finished here, but my dvd drive ain’t working, wow, on the right time

  205. DJ TECH says:

    did yours pass to 100%. i had to end mine at 99%. if i need serveral files i will just e-mail and ask you for them. i might have to download the whole thing again, but the page is overflooded

  206. DJ TECH says:

    you don’t need a burner. all you need is for your file to be an ISO that is it. i know the rest

  207. Ashwin says:

    I don’t know. because it is packed as one and I haven’t downloaded it, and won’t download it without my dad’s permission. So, I don’t really know how I would send you those files.

  208. DJ TECH says:

    don’t worry about those files, worry about having it as package as an ISO. that’s more important. if you have it as a DML file, i have no idea of what to do.

  209. Ashwin says:

    I know you don’t need a burner, but how am i going to do other stuff?? like play halo

  210. DJ TECH says:

    halo would be in a dvd rom right?

  211. DJ TECH says:

    halo would be in a dvd rom right?

  212. DJ TECH says:

    any anyways, how did your burner mess up? whats wrong?

  213. John says:

    My file is a dlm file but isn’t it spose to be a iso file. Is their any way to change this.

  214. DJ TECH says:

    John, that happened to me too, that’s what I am trying to figure out. If you find anything post it here.

  215. DJ TECH says:

    Sidebar, we need your help. What is a DML file and how can it be converted to an ISO or a ZIP?

  216. Sidebar Geek says:

    There is info in the newsgroups, I’d go there with your issues.

  217. Sidebar Geek says:

    I am working to also get some info but again, the newsgroups is where Microsoft is telling folks to go.

  218. DJ TECH says:

    I already tried to change the format to a ZIP, but it comes to the same thing. It is always a DLM.

  219. DJ TECH says:

    anything sidebar?

  220. DJ TECH says:

    i found something

  221. Jack says:

    So what do we do now?

    Im confused.

  222. DJ TECH says:

    I am downloading the ISO file with my own Download Manager. It is automatically downloading it as ISO. I think that the DLM stands for “DOWN LOAD MANAGER.” Maybe there was something wrong the the Akamai Manager. Try this:

    Download this program: the trial

    When it is finished go to the “Downloads” tab in the menu and paste this. It should work.

  223. DJ TECH says:

    its fluently downloading at 400kb the least. its pretty cool.

    you might want to give it a try.

  224. Jack says:

    What did you find?

  225. Jack says:

    Give what a try.

    Do we have to download it again.

  226. DJ TECH says:

    try this:

    download the program: trial only

    once installed go to the "downloads" tab in the menu and past this:

    its working good for me.

  227. DJ TECH says:

    sidebar try what I input in there. it works very cool

  228. DJ TECH says:


    wait a minute, don’t try it… not yet…

    it downloaded it as DAP file now. wait until I finish and then try it, or you will feel you just wated time…

  229. Jack says:

    Is it going to work or not

  230. Jack says:

    Plus mine is only going about 70 kb/s.

  231. Jack says:

    Sidebar please help this help us out this one time. It would mean so much getting over the hours trying to find answers. We would really appreciate it.

  232. DJ TECH says:

    i don’t want to give you false hope, its going fast, but at the end if something goes wrong, i am not responsible and i don’t want uggly comments. You can try it if you want to, mine is going pretty cool, but that was another resource I had after I finished downloading from the Microsoft Page and it didn’t let me. Give it a try if you want to. It may work, it may not. If you want my comment wait about two to three hours and I will post something here. I don’t know, its up to you.

  233. Sidebar Geek says:

    Jack, I cannot help you as I do not have the answers to your questions.

    These questions are meant for the Newsgroups which Microsoft has set up specifically for these kinds of issues. This blog is not intended to be a place to offer tech support for the CPP.

    There isn’t anything the folks running this blog or myself can do to help with these issues. Its out of our hands unfortunately.

  234. Jack says:

    Sidebar Geek

    Then can you give me a link to get to these pages.

    Thanks for all the help also.

  235. Jack says:

    Just go buy a Mac and start using a real operating system.

    The second I TRIED OSX it, I found it so much better then Windows XP, and after trying VISTA, and seeing how long it takes to even load ‘My Computer’ and how fast Outlook in the Office 2007 beta crashed, I am sure that my investment will be protected.

    Hell, I can even run Windows on my Mac Book for games and other mindless tasks. — No thanks MS, I am done with your 2GB of ram stealing operating system.

  236. DJ TECH says:

    Hey, its your opinion Jack. I believe that Microsoft does things for a reason. The 2GB ram is for better service, but if you don’t believe in Microsoft, then what are you doing here trying to download Vista. I have been a fan of Microsoft since I was 5; I am now 13. Up to now, Microsoft has been good to me.

  237. DJ TECH says:

    Hey, its your opinion Jack. I believe that Microsoft does things for a reason. The 2GB ram is for better service, but if you don’t believe in Microsoft, then what are you doing here trying to download Vista. I have been a fan of Microsoft since I was 5; I am now 13. Up to now, Microsoft has been good to me.

  238. The old Jack says:

    Did u find anything new dj tech

  239. DJ TECH says:

    I finaly got windows vista on a dvd. WINDOWS VISTA IN THE POWER OF MY HANDS.

  240. DJ TECH says:

    yes, i did, it works. try it jack.

  241. Jack says:

    So u used that accelator plus and it changed it to iso instead of dap or dls. Or do you have to change that your self.

  242. tom says:

    I’ve been trying to create another partition in the computer management screen but it doesnt give me the option to create another partition and i only have one partition on my computer. So anything help would help me out greatly to install vista and have xp on the other partition.

  243. Sidebar Geek says:

    When you get to the screen where is asks where you want to install Vista it should show the partitions. If it is not, it may not be detecting your harddrive due to possibly the need for SATA drivers. There should be an "Advanced" button that will allow you to load a driver.

    Hopefully this helps. If not, I recommend visiting our public newsgroups. There are ALOT of cool people there that can help you solve your issue.

  244. tom says:

    And if you do that it will keep all of your files on the xp partition. Without deleting anything

  245. Sidebar Geek says:

    YOU NEED to make sure you can see TWO partitions. You might see a C: partition and then a D: partition or maybe a bunch of unpartitioned space….

    YOU NEED to choose the partition in which XP is not installed on!

    If you see unpartitioned space, you should be able to create a partition.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL. If you unsure – head to the newsgroups and see what others are saying.

  246. Jack says:

    DJ Tech,

    When it is done downloading do u this change it from DAP to ISO. Or do u have to do anything else.

  247. DJ TECH says:

    it is done by it self. i did work jack, i have windows vista running on my computer. if you experience some display errors, don’t worry, you just have to download updates.


  248. paul says:

    Can anyone tell me if this is the exact same build as was released to people like Sidebar Geek before, at WinHEC etc? For instance if someone had got it then, would there be any reason for them to switch to this new download or is it identical? Thanks.

  249. explorerash says:

          Hey, DJ Tech, the link which u mentioned i cannot download man. Its just a 161 kb file (.iso).

             Can anyone tell me any other link.


  250. John says:

    I downloaded the iso 32 bit file. When I go to install it, it tells me that Windows can not find the installation files. Any suggestions.

  251. Billy says:

    Does anyone here have a free partition application that you can change your hard disk without paying for it to change.

  252. Danny Paskin says:

    So, if I install Vista beta 2, does it "uninstall"/upgrade my current Windows XP SP2 system?

    In other words, if I try Vista, don’t like it, can I go back?  

    If something goes wrong in Vista, can I still rely on switching to XP and running things there?

    If the final Vista comes out, will my Beta 2 simply stop working (as many betas – as Office – are pre-programmed to work with much less functionality after a certain date)?



  253. DJ TECH says:

    Paskin, not, if you install Vista, there is no going back. You can either Upgrade your XP SP2, or format the hard drive to Vista. When Vista expires, you can reinstall your XP, or upgrade to the original Vista, that’s thebest thing to do if you don’t want to backup and you don’t want to lose your settings. Vista will stop working 5/30/07 without any further notice. I don’t quite remember about Office.

  254. ashish_1 says:

    For all those who are unable to download (just see on the link that says servers are busy and sorry for incovenience). Here’s a remedy, it may sound wieerd but it worked for me.

      I had the IE 7 beta 2 installed on my system. I read somehwere that if u rollback to ie6 and try again, it wud work.

       Well, out of sheer frustation i did that, and woila in 3-4 attemepts in ie 6 i got the link and now i m downloading.

    Again a warnind dont use microsoft download manager as it is showin the same server busy error, so use ur own download manager.


  255. ashish_1 says:

    Hey, can anyone tell me whts the download size of the english 32 beta version download.

      my download manager is showin 3200.85 mb, but as far as i know microsoft mentioned that it is 3500 mb. Can anyone plzz ceheck out their download size and post it here or email me at

     I am worried that after 3200 mb it wont work. so please

    Thanks in advance.

  256. DJ TECH says:

    it is 3200mb approx.

  257. Orville says:

    Is there a feature comparison table that shows which features are in which edition? In particular, I’d like to know the Home Premium features that won’t be in Ultimate. Thanks.

  258. John says:

    Can anyone help me.

    I looked everywhere because while im trying to install vista. It brings me to the boot manager screen and tells me a driver is corrupt or missing. The driver is imagedrv.sys and i have no idea how to fix this problem. Everytime i boot up windows it brings up the boot manager and shows me this problem.

    Please Help me.

  259. Sidebar Geek says:

    For folks trying to download the Windows Vista Beta 2 through the CPP I suggest reading this post:

    Servers are maxed and doesn’t look like its letting up anytime soon.

    I suggest saving yourself the hassle by ordering the DVD.

    And for technical issues regarding installation of Windows Vista I must continue to direct you to the public newsgroups Microsoft has set up for Windows Vista Beta 2:

  260. DJ TECH says:

    Not really Sidebar, there is faster, easier way to do it. The way I did it. Do you want to know?

  261. Sidebar Geek says:

    No I don’t want to know.

    We’re only going to recommend downloading or ordering through legal channels here.

  262. DJ TECH says:

    It is all legal. You are downloading it from Microsoft. No other site that I know has it. Its just the same thing with a different manager. It’s faster too.

  263. DJ TECH says:

    It is all legal. You are downloading it from Microsoft. No other site that I know has it. Its just the same thing with a different manager. It’s faster too.

  264. Sidebar Geek says:

    Please stop with the duplicate posts. We don’t need to fill the comments up here with doubles of everything.

  265. DJ TECH says:

    Its done by itself, you know. Its kind of happens sometimes. I just pressed submit once.

  266. عاطف فرحات من مجد الكروم says:

    وندس فست

  267. David Bedard says:

    The hardware check pointed only that the epson stylus printer did not have valid drivers.

    During the installation the system booted out of XP during file expansion (28%) and then lost internet (no valid network card drivers). I switched to USB but then there was no drivers for the Scientific Atlanta (Cisco) modem.

    1. The installation went on but the system cannot boot without the DVD as the boot is still in install mode.

    How to get it to boot from the HD ?

    The XP drivers for the netcard, the modem and the printer work fine and a Vista upgrade provided a newer driver for the network card.

    2. a vista health check keeps sending warning that one of the HD (WD 160GB) is failing. That does not seem true.

    How to shut down these false positives, or repair the health check ?

    Otherwise no other problems so far.

  268. Sidebar Geek says:

    David, I’d take your installation questions to the public newsgroups for Beta 2. There are folks there better suited to help you answer your questions!

  269. Gerald says:


    I’ve been trying to create a web application using visual 2003. I cant seem to find out any information on how to configure "FrontPage server extensions". The visual studio 2003 version seems to think they are very important.

    Any ideas?



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