“Get Ready” campaign launched for Windows Vista

Are you wondering whether your PC is ready for the move to Windows Vista?  Or are you considering buying a new system that will really be able to take advantage of the heightened graphics, ramped up media, faster search capabilities—and more?

Last week Microsoft launched a "Get Ready" campaign to help everyone find what they need to prepare for the new operating system.  Computer manufacturers can claim their machines are "Vista-capable" if they meet minimum requirements; but computer makers can put a "Premium Ready" sticker on the box if their machines really take advantage of the capabilities of Windows Vista.  Here’s the link to the new "Get Ready" Windows Vista site to help you get your game on (metaphorically speaking, sort of).

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  1. HYMAN says:

    we are all ready waiting for final release.

  2. Luca says:

    I don’t understand what does it mean 512MB RAM for a Vista Capable PC.

    Is 512MB a good amount of memory to run both OS and the other user’s applications or is it the minimum amount to install the OS?

    What does it mean DirectX 9 Capable, DirectX9-compliant or DirectX9 software compatible? I have an old DirectX7-compliant graphic card with 64MB, is it supported? (at least without Aero glass effects).

  3. Gabe says:

    "What does it mean DirectX 9 Capable, DirectX9-compliant or DirectX9 software compatible? I have an old DirectX7-compliant graphic card with 64MB, is it supported? (at least without Aero glass effects). "

    It meas that if you would like to use Aero you will need a DirectX 9 compliant card. You only can use Vista Basic user interface with your one.

  4. Winblog says:

    512 is the minimum RAM requirement for the Windows Vista OS.  The recommended requirement calls for a minimum of 1GB of system memory, as 1GB enables more of the premium experiences such as Windows Aero.

    Hope this helps.

  5. David says:

    Why my Windows Vista beta2 runs faster with only 512MB? I don’t think 512MB is the minimum RAM for OS.

  6. Brian says:

    I am rebuilding my comp and have installed AMD Athlon 64×2 3800 Dual Core Processor, 500 watt power box, 512MB ram and finally giving it a GeCube Radeon X1600XT 256MB Graphics Card. I take it then that my 512MB ram will need to be upgraded to 1GB ram to get the full benefits of Vista with no loss in performance?????? and will the Graphics Card be sufficient with it being a 256MB Graphics Card????

  7. Winblog says:

    While I cannot comment on the specs of your particular system, you should refer to the guidelines below, also located at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/capable.mspx, that describe the difference between Windows Vista Capable hardware (i.e., the minimum requirements to run the new version of the OS), vs. Windows Vista Premium Ready hardware (i.e., hardware that allows for an even better Windows Vista experience, including the Windows Aero user experience).

    A Windows Vista Capable PC includes at least:

    – A modern processor (at least 800MHz1).

    – 512 MB of system memory.

    – A graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable.

    Note that further direction on the suggested graphics card for Premium Ready systems is located here:  http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/capablefootnotes.mspx

  8. Josh says:

    For some reason the Upgrade Advisor Beta software is incompatible with Windows XP. I have Windows XP x64 Edition and when I run the Upgrade Advisor software I get an error message stating "Sorry. You must run setup on Windows XP or Windows Vista."

    What kinds of idiots did Microsoft hire to develop this software?

  9. Winblog says:

    Please note that, as described on the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Beta site, located at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/upgradeadvisor/faq.mspx”>http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/upgradeadvisor/faq.mspx, the current version of this tool is a work in progress, and hence we expect to add additional functionality in future versions.

    Please check the Upgrade Advisor website at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/upgradeadvisor/ at a later date for updated versions of the tool.

  10. Glenn says:

    I see Vista does everything but there was no mention of gaming. I know Flight Simulator X will be out around the end of the year and will take full advantage of Vista features but there is no mention of gaming on the Vista site. Will my older XP compatable games and software "work" in a Vista inviorment?

  11. Bob Hyatt says:

    Yeah, i pose that same question, as a long time ago the same sort of question was posed. ie: does win98 run games better than win2k; then winxp came and blew them both away.

    Will we see vista do the same thing? Will there be compatability issues?

  12. Allen says:

    I am running a 32bit system (Intel) with 4G of memory.    I have tried running the /3GB switch on XP but found it unstable.   Will Vista support application executables using beyond 2GB of memory, say 4GB in a stable manner?


  13. Sidebar Geek says:

    Your XP Games should work well in Windows Vista because Vista includes both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10. By including DirectX 9, Microsoft wants games that utilize DirectX 9 to be playable in Vista.

    Its important to note that games based on DirectX 10 won’t work on XP as Microsoft does not intend to backport DirectX 10 to XP.

    Allen, I am not completely sure the answer to your question is yes but I know Vista is including some fantastic enhancements in this area. Let me see if I can find the answer for you.

  14. MARIE says:

    I like the new version of windows vista that Microsoft is coming out with, but I think the hardware requirements are to demanding leaving a lot of consumers in the dust. The demands were not to high for XP version of windows and considering that I just think the demand for Vista is way to high. I am excited about the new build of windows. We use our computers for everything, but at the same time I am not happy because I just bought a new computer a month ago, that has not even been a year pass its warranty and that will now need more memory, (same for the computer I bought one year ago) in order to meet the new Vista build requirements. Isn’t there anyway Microsoft could make a litghter build of this OS?

  15. Kevin Power says:

    Take a look at Linux.

    Take a look at Linspire, who needs Vista?

  16. J says:

    If I have to buy a whole new computer, I’ll just get one of Apple’s machines. I was talking to a friend and he said most of these "features" for Vista are being ripped off straight from the Macintosh OS.

  17. Sidebar Geek says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way. I do encourage you to go out and do your own research on Windows Vista instead of listening to just one friend – you’ll find that Microsoft isn’t just "ripping" features from Apple.

  18. MARIE says:

              Yeah, why is everyone saying Microsoft is ripping off Apple? I don’t think they are, I have done my research & the features they descibe such as expose’ is totally different from what Microsoft is doing.

  19. Eric says:

    Most of the improvements of Vista came from Mac OS X 10.4 such as the Spotlight – Search bar for Windows, Widgets – Gadget for Windows, iCal – Windows Calendar, MacMail – Windows Mail (previously named Outlook Express) and other cool built-in applications from Mac OS. Tsk tsk tsk.

  20. erichmercado says:

    How about running Windows Vista under BootCamp on Intel-based Apple computer? Any thoughts?

  21. Sidebar Geek says:

    I disagree. Vista’s search is a direct carry over of the development from the current Windows Desktop Search client you can download now for XP. Many companys have been investing time in desktop search for quite a while now aside from Microsoft or Apple such as Google. Windows Calendar doesn’t copy iCal rather, it uses the standard .ics format that many calendar applications use including several on Linux. Let’s remember, Outlook was using .ics for quite some time as well. And of course they are going to improve Outlook Express! Outlook Express was horrible. Heck I’m glad they renamed it since the code is so different its as if its a totally new application. Windows Mail employs several needed security enhancements including Outlook’s junk mail folder.

    Gadgets have been around for the desktop for a LONG time. Vista’s allows you to use the Gadgets without having to move into a seperate desktop layer unlike OS X where to use your widgets, you’re forced to move to a seperate layer on top of your desktop. Both don’t work at the same time in OS X unlike in Vista.

    There’s much more improvements "under the hood" as well. Security is big with Vista’s release. Performance too. Microsoft has pulled away things that cause system instability from the kernel level allowing Windows to perform with quite a bit less crashes.

    I wouldn’t accuse Microsoft from copying Apple rather adopting several of the types of technologies Apple users have enjoyed on OS X. Vista is just the groundwork what is to come with future versions of Windows.

  22. lesbian rape says:

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  23. Dan_IT says:

    About the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

    It’s fun that it reported I have not enough disk space, having two 120GB HDs, just because I keep a C: partition of only 8GB with XP installed and nothing else (you know, old habit from the not-so-distant-times when you needed to reinstall Windows every 6 months or so to keep it in good shape…).

    As you are planning to improve this otherwise good tool, I think it would sound less ‘dumb’ if it would state something like ”you have enough disk space but you need to repartition it because blah blah blah” (assuming that in this case you are ‘talking’ to a person who KNOWS what a partition is…) instead of that ”I’m sorry, you need at least 15GB” when I have more than 85 GB of FREE SPACE alone spawned across partitions…

  24. Adrian_79ct says:

    How can i install vista on a sistem with 2hhd on raid 0 on a via 6410 controller? The windows vista upgrade advisor says that i don’t need no driver, but vista can’t see my hdd. I try xp drivers for via6410 but it does’t accept them.

  25. Mario says:

    "Security is big with Vista’s release."

    Wasn’t the same thing said about XP, and didn’t XP have some of the biggest security holes ever?

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