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This week is a big one for Windows Media Player 11.  The new release is part of Windows Vista, but Windows XP users won’t be missing out—in fact, they’ll get an early look at some of the features in the player, maybe as soon as Wednesday, May 17!


WMP 11 in Windows Vista builds on the  “media everywhere” idea—you can customize your media experience, getting just what you want when (and where) you want it, and enjoy continual access to high-quality music, video, photos, and more—all over the house or office! You’ll be able to find the tunes you want fast because of optimized search features; click on album cover thumbnails (this is a very cool feature) to recognize and choose the items you want; and set up a massive media library that you can sort, manage, and play whether you’re working, entertaining, relaxing, or all of the above. J


WMP 11 is also rolling out a major new subscription service for die-hard music fans. URGE, MTV’s, music subscription service which launched earlier this week, is tightly integrated with WMP 11, but music lovers currently using MSN Music and Napster can continue downloading tunes with those services if they choose.


To get more info about WMP 11, URGE, and Windows Vista, go here.


To download the Windows XP version of WMP 11, go here!


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  1. Joe Medford says:

    Alot of people are loving this product.  I have had several customers come in for me to look at their computers, and they requested that I install WMP11 and Urge.

  2. Teis Johansen says:

    Is the URGE service only for US markets? I installed WMP11 a few days ago and I don’t have any online stores available (I live in Denmark)

  3. DavidU says:

    Unfortunately, it still does not play .aac or .m4a files. I can live with it not suporting iPods, but at least play the files!

  4. kmurray says:

    Thanks for your comments! URGE is currently available only in the U.S., but you can find out more by going to the URGE site ( and reading the FAQ (

    You can also now download Windows Media Player by clicking the following link:


  5. kishan says:

    I totally love WMP 11, all the ugly parts in WMP 10 are gone. I was an iTunes user until this and now iTunes looks like crap. I only use iTunes now for updatng my iPod and listning to podcasts.

    The only negative in WMP 11 is that it can’t download podcasts like iTunes. I really hope it’ll be added to a future version.

  6. Moe AS says:

    Now that there is Windows Media Player 11, I won’t use other software to burn my compilations ! LoL

  7. Scott says:

    No iPod support?  that cuts out 70% of the portable media player market right off the bat.

  8. David says:

    The memory footprint of the new media player is large.  Rather bloated.  It sits around 70Mb for private bytes and 170Mb for virtual size.  Is Microsoft going to do anything to trim this down.

    Also no iPod support!!!!!!

  9. Winblog says:

    There are some memory/CPU spiking bugs we’re still investigating – bottom line is that we’re definitely trying to reduce the spiking, especially when it’s related to URGE streaming activities such as radio.  Because we are still in the beta period, this is exactly the kind of feedback we need to hear in order to improve things.

    Re: iPod support:  Apple has intentionally closed the iPod platform in order for the best experience to be with iTunes.  There are companies out there, such as Mediafour’s Xplay product, that offer porting solutions for Windows Media Player and the iPod — but this is not natively offered in this beta version of the Player.

  10. athanyel says:

    My biggest beefs with WMP11 are the options that went missing.  They WERE in WMP10 but were removed.

    1) I can’t back up my licenses.  This is self-explanatory.  Should I purchase licensed media from an entity that goes out of business…how do I get my licenses back if I have to rebuild a computer?  Right now, the answer is: "I don’t."

    2) I can no longer hide the taskbar.

    3) The length of media is no longer listed in the Now Playing list.

    4) The Now Playing List Pane can only be shown by using the taskbar.  The pane can be hidden by an arrow on the upper right of the pane…but when you want to get it back, you’ve got to dig through a menu rather than click an icon.

    5) The List Pane cannot be customized.  The media information "box" at the top of the List Pane cannot be removed.  While I can appreciate that some people would like to see album art while playing a CD, I’d rather have a longer play list.

    Just my comments…

    athanyel at gmail

  11. athanyel says:

    Perhaps a suggestion is in order.

    Would it be possible to have a "visualization" that is a good playlist?  Just a list of the "pretty names" of the media in my playlist and their duration.  If the song is currently playing, display a <current playtime>/<total playtime> for that song.

    I don’t need visualations bogging down my computer and am very happy that I don’t have to see any if I don’t want to.  I also greatly appreciate being able to collapse WMP10 and WMP11 to their "smaller versions" (note that I don’t mean "skin mode", just that I can grab a corner and resize the app down to the point where the visualization context goes away.  With this in mind, when I do "expand" the player, it is because I want to get to my current playlist.  

    Something to consider as a quick addon to let customers to use WMP11 as a quick-and-simple media player.

  12. Sidebar Geek says:

    I just posted an interview with Geoff Harris, Product Unit Manager for WMP 11 – maybe leave this comment over on my blog for Geoff to see? Its certainly good feedback.

    I’m not into visualizations myself.

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