Microsoft Windows Azure: The Cloud is Growing and Getting Brighter

image As we have been looking at Azure for the past 12 months, it is beginning to get more and more features and the title of Mary Jo Foley’s article says it all:

Microsoft's Windows Azure: What a difference a year makes

Microsoft Windows Azure has added several new features and with more coming the in the late October time frame.  Some of the changes include:

  • geo-location
  • Azure Appliances (private cloud)
  • single sign-on

Now while most of this is still heavily focused on the application developers and provide a tremendous benefit to the applications they right.  As an IT Pro we should expect some exciting changes in late October for us.  Hopefully we will hear more about the Virtual Machine support in Azure.  More importantly, on the IT Pro front for Azure we have a voice in the game now, with Bill Laing, Corporate Vice President, Server and Cloud Division.  This comment from Mary Jo Foley’s article:

“The IT pro point of view is what I brought to this,” Laing said. “Azure originally was a developer platform. But as we started to talk to customers and partners, they wanted to know if they could have Azure in their own data centers.”

Like I wrote in my article, Windows Azure Bringing Developers and IT Pro’s of the World Together, the cloud provides a platform that is bringing together your dev and IT Departments.  Now as the platform grows we will be able to do more with Windows Azure, from an IT Pro perspective, and truly leverage the scalability it offers.  Windows Azure truly provides another source of allowing you to provide value back to your business, and another platform we get to work with.

As you can see the present and the future are looking great for Windows Azure!

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