A few weeks ago now Frank Shaw made a post on the Microsoft blog.  In his post he outlined some numbers around the performance of some of Microsoft’s key businesses.  The numbers Frank put up are impressive by any standard.  Various blogs have picked up Franks post and spent a fair amount of time discussing what the numbers mean.  MG Siegler at Tech Crunch has speculated that perhaps Frank Shaw really would have liked to say other things in lieu of or in addition to each of the numbers that he posted.  He assumes maybe correctly, and more likely not, that the Microsoft executives would like to talk a little trash about our business performance against our competition. 

I coach little league sports.  I have heard every complaint about why our team is losing.  Usually the kids I coach will blame the referee, or possibly their friends, and often the other teams tactics.  There is plenty of trash talking in Little League sports.  You would think that these 10 year olds were professional athletes to hear them talk.  When the trash talking and complaining start to get too thick for me I will remind these children that at the end of the game the way we measure who wins is by what’s on the scoreboard.  The trash talking, complaining, blame, and excuses only make the losers feel better about the outcome.  There is a reason we keep score in sports.  It has nothing to do with trash talking and opinions.  My children have all learned to keep their mouths closed and play the game by the rules with their whole heart and strive to win in spite of the circumstances.  When the game is over nothing speaks louder than the final score.

Everyone wants to know what the numbers Frank Shaw posted mean.  I will summarize.

  They are not meant to be technical innuendo.

  They are not a slight to our competition.

  They are not trash talking or opinion. 

In business we keep score! 

The numbers Frank posted are a gentle reminder to anyone out there who might be watching this very amazing technical game, and listening to all of the trash talking that is going on by the various parties, that we are still keeping score. 

I am proud to work for a company that is willing to maintain its dignity and values, and work with whole heart to win in spite of the circumstances.

One more number.  $16,400,000,000 

Quarterly earnings came out a little over a week ago.  Surprise, Surprise Record earnings yet again! I have learned in my years at Microsoft to expect amazing things from these amazing people.  

The numbers are the story. 

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