Windows Azure beats Google and Amazon in Cloud Response Time Tests

story in last week's New York Times Bits column - a report on response times
of the major cloud providers. Columnist Ashlee Vance asks the question: "How Fast Can Your Cloud Run?" For Windows
Azure users, the answer is: faster than anyone else's.

story is based on a new interactive tool from Compuware called CloudSleuth,
which is designed to help organizations evaluate cloud offerings from the major
providers. Among the insights from the NYT report:

worldwide over the past 30 days, Microsoft's relatively new Azure platform has
performed the best, responding to requests in 6.46 seconds. OpSource ranks second at 6.61 seconds, followed by Google at 6.77 seconds and 6.82
seconds. (The Amazon figure is for its East Coast data center. Its West Coast,
European and Asian data centers had slower response times.)"

favorite line from the report: "The rankings were the same for the availability
of the cloud systems, leaving Microsoft as the fastest and most reliable cloud

out CloudSleuth, for yourself - it's very cool and
you can get different cuts of data based on timeframes, locations, and
availability. Of course, the tool only talks about speed and availability, not
what the different providers actually deliver in terms of cloud services. Can't
wait to see that comparison.

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  1. ryan says:

    Mario – Check up on CloudSleuth again in a couple months.  We have been Partnering with cloud providers to help outline what the providers actually deliver in terms of cloud services.  If you know anyone from Azure that would be interested in contributing, give me a shout at content[at]

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