Seeing is Believing – Microsoft and Red Hat Collaborate

I’ll have to check Bing later for sightings…there must be a report of flying pigs…somewhere.

Today Microsoft actually delivered a presentation at the Red Hat Summit!  I wouldn’t have believed it had I not been there (I was one of the presenters).  The session covered the combined effort by Microsoft and Red Hat to make our respective platforms run well on each other’s virtualization offerings.  There were lots of sessions addressing running Windows on RHEV, so this session focused on running RHEL on Hyper-V.

So why would Red Hat invite someone from Microsoft to their big user conference to talk about a key Windows role?  For the same reason we presented a session covering Linux on Hyper-V at TechEd 2010 a few weeks ago.

We did it because you asked us to!

It’s Everybody’s Business to reduce cost and complexity in their IT infrastructure, and doing what we can to simply integrate and improve performance is a requirement. 
Yes, Microsoft and Red Hat compete, but collaboration is necessary in the industry to innovate, and customers demand it!

As Paul Cormier of Red Hat said this week:

"Our customer base came to us and say 'look we have two operating systems running the datacenter, RHEL and Windows and you guys need to work together'  so we got together."

I’m not sure what the next nutty thing to happen might be, but for the near future, I’ll be looking up and listening for oinks!


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