Understanding the Costs of Virtualization and Management Operations

Taking a look at virtualization technologies and the benefits it brings to customers can help build an understanding of some of the potential areas cloud computing can also help businesses. Cloud computing takes the concept of virtualization to a whole new level, far beyond the simple server consolidation that many people still associate it with….


What Kind of Cloud is Your Business Looking to Become?

When you were a child, chances are you looked up into the sky and  wondered what kind of cloud you were looking at or what cloud you want to be.   Back then knowing what type of a cloud you were looking at boiled down to a three main choices: Cirrus Stratus Cumulus Now you may…


Is Windows Azure the Answer? Yes!

The world of IT is changing, again. This time we are looking at a change in the way we think about hosting operating systems, applications, and services.  In the traditional model all three of those things were hosted on a companies local server.  Over the past few years we have really seen the explosive growth…


Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 5.0: Software Usage Tracker part 6

Welcome to part 6 of a 6 part series talking about a great FREE tool, which has released it’s 5th major version on Monday (7-12-2010).  The new version, MAP 5.0, has some exciting new features to help with discovery and software usage.  In this screencast we will take a look at MAP can help right-size…


Microsoft Windows Azure: The Cloud is Growing and Getting Brighter

As we have been looking at Azure for the past 12 months, it is beginning to get more and more features and the title of Mary Jo Foley’s article says it all: Microsoft’s Windows Azure: What a difference a year makes Microsoft Windows Azure has added several new features and with more coming the in…


The IT Investigators Interview Microsoft Corporate VP and CIO, Tony Scott

Keith Combs and I have a podcast show called the IT Investigators.  We like to have fun interviewing a variety of guests on wide ranging topics and this episode is no exception.  So Keith calls me one day and says he has setup and interview for us.  I asked who is it?  He calmly and…


Top 15 Windows Server Innovations In the Past 15 Years

Windows IT Pro is celebrating its 15 year anniversary this year.  Congratulations! That’s a major achievement in our industry.  As part of a series Michael Otley wrote a post for the Windows It Pro blog called “Top 15 Windows Server Innovations In the Past 15 years.”  It is definitely worth a few minutes to go…