The Hybrid Cloud Storage Transformation

A frustrating reality for IT leaders is that their teams continue to struggle with the complications of data growth even though they spend more money on storage every year. It’s not surprising that IT leaders are looking for new storage architectures to help them solve their scalability problems and reduce their costs. A post to… Read more

The Private Cloud Blog has combined its efforts with Building Clouds

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you an update on things since we have been a little quiet on the Windows Server Blog over the last couple of months. Clearly, we are in the down section of the blog cycle. Once the BIG Stories about Windows Server 2012 have been told, the technology teams pick… Read more

Real World Best Practices for Hyper-V and update on Slow Login Hotfixes from the Premier Field Engineering Platform Team

Hey everyone,   Thought I would share an article or two from the Ask Premier Field Engineering Platform Team Blog. I think everyone love's checklists that you can just run through to make sure you didn't miss anything and that your environment is good to go, right?  Well, how about this, Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V… Read more Products of the Year: Windows Server 2012 takes the Gold!

Windows Server 2012 was recognized as the top Storage System Software product in TechTarget’s and Storage Magazine Products of the Year competition. Specific features that caught the judge’s attention included: Server Message Block 3.0 for high-throughput, low-latency data transfers between servers and storage. Storage Spaces, which enables customers to build scalable, high-performance storage solutions… Read more

Final Stops for the Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow: Australia, Serbia, and Thailand!

Hi, this is Christa Anderson, Community Lead for the Windows Server and System Center Group. As we wrap up the Windows Server 2012 Community roadshow this month, I’d like to thank our many MVPs who supported it. They’re great speakers and very knowledgeable, and through their continued efforts this roadshow reached every continent but Antarctica…. Read more

Next Stops for the Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow: United States and Australia!

Hi, this is Christa Anderson with the latest events for the Windows Server Community Roadshow schedule, As we begin the final month of the roadshow, we’re running events in San Francisco, California, and Sydney, Australia. Register now for an event in San Francisco, California on February 5 Register now for an event in Sydney, Australia on… Read more

New: PaCE helps you keep up with your favorite Windows Server/System Center MVP blogs

Hi, all, Christa Anderson here from the Partner and Customer Ecosystem group in Windows Server/System Center. I’m happy to tell you about a new series we’re starting. Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, independent experts active in the technical community, are as smart, experienced and skeptical bunch rooted in the real world as you’ll find anywhere. You… Read more

Free Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses on Hyper-V and Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals

Hey everyone, This is some pretty exciting stuff being brought to you by our Microsoft & VMware virtualization experts Symon Perriman, Jeff Woolsey and Matt McSpirit.  I know that it may be difficult to block out an entire day for this training, but here is what you can do if you can't make it for the entire… Read more

Transform Your Datacenter with System Center 2012 SP1

There is an African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  So it is with IT.  As great an OS as Windows Server 2012 is (and it really is great!), few customers will use it by itself to deliver IT services or run a cloud.  The OS is a critical component,… Read more

InfoWorld Recognizes Windows Server 2012 and Windows PowerShell in 2013 Technology of the Year Awards

Windows Server 2012 and Windows PowerShell have made IDG’s InfoWorld 2013 Technology of the Year Awards list, which recognizes the best products evaluated by the InfoWorld Test Center over the past year. InfoWorld recognizes Windows Server 2012 for “innovative capabilities” across storage, virtualization, and management, as well as improved hardware support, which make the product… Read more