PDC 2009 – Windows Server and Windows Azure Platform

Yesterday at PDC, Ray Ozzie and Bob Muglia announced the global availability of Microsoft’s new cloud computing service – Windows Azure Platform. In addition, Ray and Bob announced a number of additional announcements related to Windows Server.  I wanted to take a moment and provide some context for all our existing Windows Server customers and… Read more

Improve Web User Experience with IIS SEO Toolkit RTW and IIS URL Rewriter 2.0 RC

Remember the scene in Diehard when he shoots the glass? That was cool. What’s even cooler is now you can fine tune your Web site for the search engine, thus improving the experience for your Web users.   Today, Microsoft announced the releases of IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit RTW and IIS URL Rewriter… Read more

Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2009 Opens Today!

From Berlin one week to LA the next, Microsoft product managers love planes. Apparently. Me? Trans-Atlantic plane rides are still a good way to extract military secrets from me, but I'm new. Maybe long plane rides will grow on me. Like fungus. But if you're in Los Angeles or have the plane-loving impetus to go… Read more

PDC 2008- Azure Services Platform and Windows Server

While I sit here at PDC, Ray Ozzie and Bob Muglia are announcing a new cloud computing platform – Azure Services Platform -that runs in Microsoft's network of datacenters. In case you couldn't make it to LA or watch the keynotes today, below is a short video of Bob providing an overview of the Azure… Read more