Yeehaw – RC2 is Complete!!

Ward Ralston here – I, like John Borozan, am a Product Manager with Windows Server.  Some of you may have already heard that Window Server 2003 64-Bit Editions, Window Server 2003 SP1, and Windows XP Professional have all reached the Release Canidate Two (RC2) Milestone this afternoon. Word on the street is that this RC2… Read more

Will your ISV App support Windows Server 2003 x64?

Hey there,    Do you know of any ISV applications that will support the Window Server 2003 x64 Editions?  Or will your application support the Window Server 2003 x64 Editions?  If yes, we would like to help you promote it.  We are assembling a list of supporting applications.  If you are interested in being listed… Read more

64-bit free training webcasts

Hello, This is Demorie Crowe, a Program Manager in the Windows Server Group.  You’ll be hearing from me in the next few months or so. You may have seen this already…but just in case… We completed a 64-bit webcast training series a little while ago with a total of 13 sessions.  You can learn: how… Read more

Let the games begin…

My name is John Borozan and I'm the Product Manager for Microsoft's 64-Bit Editions of Window Server 2003.  We are launching this Weblog to allow the members of our Windows Server team to be in more direct contact with the IT community through frequent updates to this blog.    I am extremely passionate about our… Read more