Windows Server 2003 SP1 SSL Improvements

SP1 is really an interesting service pack…..  not only does it do the job of a normal service pack (aggregating updates) it also incorporates added functionality like the Security Configuration Wizard and Post-Setup Security Updates. But this is something you dont hear to much when talking service packs: increased performance….but tis true. There are a… Read more

Expanding the scope of the blog….

In the next month we will be adding new categories to the blog and bringing in some new Product and Program Managers to talk about R2, Longhorn Server, and Small Business Server. We will have an RSS feed for each of the categories and a bio section so everyone can learn a little bit about some of… Read more

SP1 and X64 little known feature – Access-Based Enumeration (ABE)

Have you ever attempted to access a folder that you didnt have permission to? Are you an administrator who is concerned about security principals without the proper permissions seeing the names of files and folders they dont have permissions to? SP1 and x64 address these concerns by making inacessible files and folders invisible to users… Read more

Windows Server Update Services – Release Candidate

Cool stuff here – Windows Server Update Services has reached the RC milestone.  You can download a version of Update Services here: What does this have to do with x64 you say?   In addition to providing updates for SQL, MSDE, Office, Windows, (and eventually EVERY MS technology…really it will) – it also provides update for… Read more

Executive Chat – Get Technical with 64-bit Executives from Microsoft, Intel, and AMD

This came across my desk this morning….I see a lot webcasts and chats invites come by and not of lot of them raise my eyebrows – but these two definetly did.  If you are interested in interacting with some of the Key Executives from Microsoft, AMD, and Intel – this looks like it is for… Read more

Active Directory Q&A

Hello, Demorie here…I had another dream the other night about a celebrity.  Jack Nicholson and I were hanging out at a beach resort.  I was interviewing him on why I didn’t see him at the Oscars.  Was he there?  Where was he sitting?  He told me he was delegated to the balcony with the special… Read more

Blog Facelift

Thanks to WD for some feedback on our blog format…..hope this helps with the navigation. I apologize that some of the posts are not rendering in some readers, evidently the old copy and paste from MS Word isnt going to cut it anymore. — Ward Ralston… Read more

x64 Launch Runs Afoul of the Law

Managing the rollout of our x64 editions has been an amazing experience—not to mention juggling launch duties with becoming a father of three. I find myself working at the oddest times, and trying to squeeze as much as I can from every spare minute. Such was the case recently, when I was heading home prior… Read more

Allchin updates Windows x64 timing

Hi. Patrick O’Rourke here – I am also a Product Manager over in the Windows Server Division.  I’m writing because Cactus league isn’t in full bloom yet, and I’m still waiting for Gary and Bob to be fired so I can be interested in the NHL again.   I was watching news from Intel’s Dev Forum,… Read more