x64 RC2 Download Error – What happened?

I appreciate everyone's comments about the error that was made when we made the x64 RC2 available as part of the Customer Preview Program (CPP).  For those of you who were not aware of the problem – the 32-bit version of Server 2003 SP1 was accidentally made available as the download for the x64 RC2…. Read more

64-bit Technical Questions and Elvis

Demorie here…  My car was rear-ended last Friday while sitting at a light outside my office.  This is my first accident (knock on wood) and I was not prepared for the amount of work this entails.  Contact the insurance company; get estimates from the certified auto-body shops, contact the driver that hit me, blah, be… Read more

Windows Server 2003 x64 RC2 now available for Download

When we announced the completion of the RC2 Milestone of Window Server 2003 x64/SP1 last week we indicated the following: – That the Window Server 2003 x 64 editions would only be available through the private Beta Program – The public Customer Preview Program (CPP) would not be refreshed with the RC2 bits. We received… Read more

Baseball & Benchmarks

Baseball is great for statistics. Every game is like a miniature numbers factory, generating batting averages, on-base percentages, earned-run averages—you name it. For fans, these numbers constitute the game outside the game: when the lights go out and the players have all gone home, the fans continue the battle using statistics for ammunition.   In… Read more

What about Itanium?

There is a lot of buzz about our new 64-Bit editions of Window Server 2003 – which got me thinking last night.  Microsoft has been in the 64-Bit game since the launch of Window Server 2003 – with Itanium. One aspect of SP1 (in my opinion) that is not getting a lot of attention is how… Read more

Yeehaw – RC2 is Complete!!

Ward Ralston here – I, like John Borozan, am a Product Manager with Windows Server.  Some of you may have already heard that Window Server 2003 64-Bit Editions, Window Server 2003 SP1, and Windows XP Professional have all reached the Release Canidate Two (RC2) Milestone this afternoon. Word on the street is that this RC2… Read more

Will your ISV App support Windows Server 2003 x64?

Hey there,    Do you know of any ISV applications that will support the Window Server 2003 x64 Editions?  Or will your application support the Window Server 2003 x64 Editions?  If yes, we would like to help you promote it.  We are assembling a list of supporting applications.  If you are interested in being listed… Read more