SBS myths dispelled…by "Tom"

In the course of talking to many Microsoft partners and customers, the Windows Small Business Server team has learned that there are sometimes misperceptions about the product, in many cases based on experiences with the earlier versions of SBS.  In hopes of dispelling some of these "myths," the team has created a video log by an "SBS guru" named Tom.  Take a look at some of the first videos, maybe have a few laughs, and play a game of "punch a wizard."  Look for new posts, too. 
This site discusses some of the SBS myths in a more, shall we say, staightforward way – such as:
I can't add additional servers to a Windows SBS domain
I can't run Terminal Services in the SBS domain.
SBS doesn't scale.
I can't upgrade my current server.
I'm going to outrgrow SBS.
The Exchange mail store limit is too small.
SBS has scaled-down versions of the included applications.
I can't use tools from Windows Server in Windows SBS.
SBS isn't secure.