Certified value on Windows Server 2008

Steve Bell here, I'm the product manager who owns the software logo program for Windows Server 2008. I've got great news for ISV partners and the IT community. I know the software certification process has been challenging in the past. We listened to your feedback and designed the certification process for Windows Server 2008 to make certification more achievable:
  • ~50% reduction in certification cost
  • ~50% reduction in test duration
  • Free downloadable certification tools to use in-house
  • Pre-testing services
Next steps. Just go to http://www.innovateonwindowsserver.com/learnbuild.aspx for all the docs and tools, including specifics on the technical bar for certification. Be sure to drop-by the Logo Lounge on the Grand Concourse at the Worldwide Partner Conference (July 10th-12th) and participate in session ISV005. We'll be there to answer your questions and you can enter for our giveaways. Got questions – contact wslogofb@microsoft.com
Logo Program snapshot. There are two offerings – Works with Windows Server 2008 and Certified for Windows Server 2008. Works with Windows Server 2008 is the choice for commodity workloads and application compatibility, it also mitigates common issues with security and reliability. It's a stepping stone to Certified for Windows Server 2008. Certified for Windows Server 2008 is the choice for LOB, mission critical workloads and demonstrates adherence to best practices for security, availability, reliability and windows fundamentals. Both offerings are planned to "go live" for validation post-Windows Server 2008 RC.  
Pre-testing. Our 3rd party test vendors, Veritiest and WiPro, are offering pre-testing services. For minimal resource investment you can receive a detailed analysis of how your application stacks-up with the Certified for Windows Server 2008 requirements. This is a great service for you to see where to focus your development efforts to design applications with certification in mind.
What about the Early Access Program? A growing number of leading ISV partners are joining Microsoft in the Certified for Windows Server 2008 Early Access Program. The EAP is designed to showcase those ISV partners who are innovating on Windows Server 2008 and provide applications that both achieve the technical bar for certification and take advantage of top performing technologies.  Visit http://www.windowsservercatalog.com in the coming days for insight into the EAP participants.
IT Professionals and Decision Makers. The free wizard-style certification tools are a great resource for both in-house developed and commercial applications. You can leverage the certification tools to validate if applications meet the Certified for Windows Server 2008 standards. This will help you to deploy applications in your environment with greater confidence.
Feedback. I'd like your feedback to improve the Windows Server 2008 logo program.  Email wslogofb@microsoft.com and drop-by the Logo Lounge at the Worldwide Partner Conference.
 – Steve