About Lone Server

  My Facebook page (please friend me)   Update!  Or should I say Up – GRADE!?! That’s right, ol’ Lone Server ain’t so “Lone” no more…the Microsoft.com folks finally upgraded me to Windows Sever 2008! Read about my road to 2008 on the Windows Server Team Blog.   I want to thank everyone who supported… Read more

Xen in the Windows kernal or Hyper-V? Ha-ha

Every now and again we'll use this blog to correct errors in the public domain, mainly by journalists or analyst trying to do a good job but who come up short on fact checking due to time constraints. Of course some of these errors are more obvious than others. The latest form of error pertains to… Read more

Yes, Virginia, there is a Hyper-V beta

With a tip of the cap to Francis Church’s famous 1897 editorial, I’m very proud that the team has come through just like St. Nick. Today we announced the public availability of a beta of Hyper-V, the hypervisor-based virtualization feature in Windows Server 2008.  You can download it today with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (x64)… Read more

Giving feedback on Windows Server 2008

One of the things we sometimes struggle with is getting quality feedback from our customers directly to the developers….. and even more importantly figuring out how to incorporate that feedback into our product planning. So in Windows Server 2008 Server Manager (main page and for every role) you will see a link to allow you… Read more

Microsoft delivers next milestone for highly anticipated Windows Server 2008 with RC1 ready for testing

Hi, for those of you that don’t know me, I’m Tina Couch and I’m the newest member to the Windows Server team.  I wanted to share that today we made available the Windows Server 2008 release candidate one (RC1) for customers to download and evaluate. We’re encouraging customers to download the evaluation code here. (For what’s… Read more

TechNet Webcast: Managing Windows Server 2008 with Server Manager (Level 200)

Dan Harman, one of the program managers in the Server Manager team will be hosting a webcast next tuesday on Server MAnager (focusing on the changes introduced in the RC1 release) as well was Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), which had its Beta released last week. Below are the details of his webcast Summary: Windows… Read more

Windows Server 2008 Certifications and Training

Hello, my name is Lutz Ziob and I am General Manager here at Microsoft Learning. Our organization provides Microsoft customers and partners with the necessary knowledge and skills to optimize the adoption and use of Microsoft solutions. I am very excited to announce that over 3,100 Windows Server 2008 certifications have already been earned to… Read more

Product Activation Changes and Impacts on Windows Server 2008

Today the Windows group announced some changes in their increased efforts against piracy and new steps being taken to protect Windows Vista (see http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/2007/dec07/12-03wga.mspx for details).  These changes are coming in Windows Vista SP1 (due out in Q1 2008).  Along with disabling some of the known exploits that counterfeiters are using, changes are being made… Read more

Server Manager webcast in December

In just a couple of weeks, we will have another webcast on Server Manager. One of the key points that will be presented during the webcast is Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT). RSAT is the new version of the Win2k3 Admin Pack and will be available as a web download so you can install the… Read more

Some Cool Networking Numbers with Windows Server 2008 File Transfers

Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista are introducing some of the biggest changes to our networking stack in recent memory.  From the server side, I think this is one of the biggest overlooked features of Windows Server 2008. To that point, earlier this year we released the Tolly Group Whitepaper that showed the how the… Read more