Windows CCS lab tour for developers and ISVs

For ISVs and developers who want to build parallel apps for Windows CCS, you should try to attend one the upcoming lab in Redmond or the labs next year in Redmond, Copenhagen or Munich. Following is a quick description and check out the agenda. These 3-day Platform Adoption Labs(PAL) will provide you with a clear… Read more

Big storage for small business

Iomega today announced their new StorCenter network attached storage products for small and medium business, powered by Windows Storage Server 2003 R2.  Iomega does a good job building (and pricing) storage products that make file and print painless for small companies.  This is their first solution built on R2.  Windows Storage Server continues to maintain over 50%… Read more

TechNet Webcast: Windows Server Longhorn and Windows Vista

During this Webcast, David Lowe and David Zipkin will look deeper into the technologies that make the combination of Windows Server  "Longhorn" and Windows Vista a compelling solution for enterprise organizations. They'll explore features that help you manage offline files, Group Policy, networking, quality of service, security and deployment. David is a senior product manager, and David is a product… Read more

Fresno? No, no Fresno.

The team has noticed a few press stories and blog postings speculating about an upcoming product based on Windows Server "Longhorn" called "Fresno."   We're not sure where the idea originated, but to set the record straight there is in fact no such Windows Server product in development.  For now, Fresno will simply remain the "raisin capital of the world."      Joel… Read more

Windows Server 2003 SP2 RC: Come and get it!

  I am happy to announce that Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Release Candidate is available for public review. You can find more information about this release here. Here is the list of what is currently available for public download: Update Package in English and German for 32-bit x86 and Itanium-Based Systems Update Package… Read more

Windows PowerShell and Windows Server “Longhorn”

Last Tuesday in front of over 4000 attendees, Jeffrey Snover and Bob Muglia announced the release of Windows PowerShell 1.0 RTW at IT Forum. Windows PowerShell is the new command-line shell and scripting language for Windows system administration. You may have heard that Exchange Server 2007 leverages Windows PowerShell so that every task can be automated via… Read more

SC06 – Grids, Clusters and Linguine All' Aragosta

While David Lowe and folks are getting mid-60s in Barcelona at IT Forum, there's a bunch of us enjoying the sun (through the convention center windows) and heavy-number crunching computing in Tampa at Supercomputing 2006. You can see video highlights of the conference at Others from the HPC community who are commenting from the show include Dan, Joe and Doug…. Read more

IT Forum: Virtual Video Stars

As Patrick mentioned, many of the Windows Server team are here in Barcelona for TechEd: IT Forum this week and we're gearing up for a great set of breakout sessions, lightning demos, hands-on lab and chalk-talks around Windows Server "Longhorn" and Virtualization. One of the features of the conference this year is "The Virtual Side"… Read more

Virtual Strategy magazine interview with Mike Neil

Virtual Strategy magazine posted an audio interview with Mike Neil, who's senior director of virtualization strategy. The interview is nearly 17 mins, and here's an outline of the discussion: The Demise of Virtual PC for Mac Virtual PC 2007 Beta Microsoft’s Virtualization Roadmap Three layers of Virtualization Extension of Resource Management Revision of Licensing model… Read more

IT Forum and Supercomputing 2006

Several of us will be on airplanes this weekend, some headed to Barcelona for IT Forum, and others headed to Tampa for Supercomputing 2006. For those who want to follow the news and happenings from Barcelona, you can visit the VirtualSide. You'll hear and read about virtualization, systems management, access and security, Windows Server (including Longhorn)…. Read more