Next Generation of Windows Networking at the IPv6 Summit

Ian Hameroff here; a first-time blogger, long-time reader.  I'm a product manager within the Windows Server Division and am focused on the advanced networking technologies. I wanted to talk about a brand new networking stack coming in Windows Server "Longhorn" (and Windows Vista). Dubbed the "Next Generation TCP/IP stack," this is a complete redesign of the… Read more

More from the floor of SC'05

Gates' keynote from Supercomputing 2005 went well based on our un-scientific polls on the show floor.  By well I mean this pro-Linux and non-MS crowd said he hit on good points re: HPC, was interesting and showed good demos. The following comment — from a Beltway national labs guy who runs an all Unix/Linux lab — is a good… Read more

MS Virtual Labs

The team just re-launched the TechNet and MSDN virtual labs running on Virtual Server 2005 R2. Check out these sites if you want to test our new software, such as SQL Server 2005 integration services, Windows Server R2 or Visual Studio Team System, in a sandbox environment. Each session is 90 minutes and comes without install,… Read more

802.1x Authentication for Wired Networks – A vulnerability note

Thanks to Steve Riley for pointing out some of the vulnerabilities about my post with using 802.1x to secure wired networks:  (The whitepaper from this post does address these concerns) Essentially,  the vulnerability is a weakness in the 802.1x protocol — it authenticates only upon connection establishment and assumes all traffic after authentication is legitimate. So if an attacker… Read more

From SC'05

Over 9,000 people showed up to Seattle for SC'05.  That's up from 8,000 in Pittsburgh last year. BillG's keynote showed how HPC is going to expand beyond historical supercomputing centers. Here's a datasheet on one of his demos on cancer research. The demo included a live Infiniband connection back to Intel's Dupont facility in the… Read more

Supercomputing with Windows

Yes, that subject line is correct. If Tampa can have a hockey team (and a winner of Lord Stanley's Cup), then why not Windows for supercomputing? But unlike some confused reports you'll see, Windows CCS is not intended to dominate the Top500 list nor is it a high availability solution for email (the latter is becoming less… Read more

New 802.1x and IPSec Whitepaper for Wired Networks

I have talked to many IT Pros over the years about using IEEE 802.1x to secure their wireless networks.  One thing that I always found interesting is the number of people who are unaware that 802.1x isn’t just for wireless networks….wired too! If you network switches support 802.1x and you are running Windows Server 2003… Read more