SMB2 Protocol – what is a Symbolic Link?

I had a comment from my last post about the new SMB2 protocol that I wanted to follow up on…There was mention of support for 'Symbolic Links' in the post and Mr. Kevin Owen asked for some clarification.  So, Kevin – straight from the developer who wrote the code: In Vista/Longhorn server, the file system… Read more

Virtually Everywhere

So I'm super late sharing info on MSFT's first time presence at VMworld conference and other spots. VMworld took place Oct. 18-20. Instead of me saying it, here's comments from a guy down the hall who attended the show: “What are you doing here?” was by far the most frequently asked question at our booth at… Read more

Windows Server R2 DFS Replication Chat

Want to get a better understanding of the new DFS Namespace and Replication in the upcoming release of R2? Join the DFS chat on Oct 27 at 10AM PST. This is your chance to chat with the developers and product managers responsible for this nifty new technology. This chat will focus on the introduction of… Read more

Longhorn Server – the little things mean a lot – SMB2 Protocol

As we get closer to Beta 2 of Windows Server codenamed "Longhorn" – there will be a lot of talk on the bigger features that Longhorn will deliver….Network Access Protection, Read-Only Domain Controller, Server Core, Secure Startup, Role Management Tools, the list goes on. These are all no doubt nifty and cool features, but the… Read more

The HP Weigh-in on Opteron

Rarely do we see/hear public comparisons — stripped of marketing — of server technology at vendor conferences. Even more rare (I'm thinking ivory-billed woodpecker) do we see/hear a vendor say that one of its partners products is flat-out better than the other. But such was the case at HP Technology Forum 2005 when a program manager… Read more

Longhorn Server hitting the stage

It's cool to see more and more partners running demos on Windows Server "Longhorn" – even though they're only using beta 1 code. Last week alone we had NEC and Citrix. NEC demo'd the dynamic reconfiguration of CPU and memory resources while running beta 1 of Longhorn server. The demo used NEC's Express5800/1320Xe large-scale server supporting up to… Read more


It's been a tough week for MySQL. The Open Source community is beating them up for a licensing deal with SCO, and then Oracle acquired Innobase, who just so happens to provide a key piece of MySQL's software.  This isn't the first time Forbes – a purveyor of capitalism – has pointed out the schism in the… Read more

What's all this about 'roles' in Windows Server "Longhorn"?

Hi, this is Mark Aggar, Senior Product Planner for Windows Server.  Although my focus is now moving onto post-Longhorn projects, I'm still heavily involved with Longhorn itself (for those that care, I also did the planning for Windows Server 2003 R2). Now that we've got the formalities out of the way, I wanted to address… Read more

Virtualization Licensing Changes with Windows Server 2003

Today we announced some significant licensing changes with regards to virtualization and Windows Server 2003: (1)  Starting with Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition – customers can run up to 4 virtual instances of Windows Server 2003 (any edition) with no additional licensing costs.  Zero, nil.  Additionally, Starting with Longhorn, If you purchase Datacenter Edition… Read more