Get free, hands-on experience with Windows 10 virtual labs

I'm happy to announce the availability of 10 new Windows 10 virtual labs so you can get hands-on experience with Windows as a service, Windows security technologies, and new deployment scenarios before you do a full-scale rollout in your organization. These labs have been specifically designed to address your feedback regarding top deployment blockers and how-to training on new Windows 10 features, such as Credential Guard.

Virtual labs let you try out Windows 10 setup, deployment, and management scenarios using a cloud-based private virtual machine environment. Each lab features a series of instructions, and access to one or more virtual machines, with no additional software or setup required—enabling you to jump right in and get started with common tasks and customizations.

Windows 10 deployment labs

Windows 10 security labs

For your convenience, we've created a single landing page for these labs on the Windows IT Center, available at

Windows 10 virtual labs page

We welcome your feedback

We'll be creating new labs, and updating existing ones, in the months to come to help you learn how to take advantage of new features and complete common deployment and management tasks. Let us know your thoughts on this first batch of labs—and let us know if there are any specific scenarios or features you'd like us to cover in future labs—by leaving a comment below.

Also, bookmark and check back monthly for new labs starting in April.


Comments (2)

  1. Seems very interesting but there is a problem with keyboards in the VM (and it is the case with all MS Virtual labs including MLO). The VM gives a mix between US layout and French layout (I have a French keyboard)

    1. Make sure the language in the browser from which you launched the lab is set to your desired language, and set this same language in the VM after launch. This should allow everything to pass through correctly.

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