Windows 10 1511 is now a Current Branch for Business (CBB) release

As we discussed in the Windows 10 servicing guidance published on TechNet, each new Windows 10 feature update is initially considered a Current Branch (CB) release, to be used by organizations for initial pilot deployments. The feature update will later be declared as Current Branch for Business (CBB), once we have received feedback and confirmation from organizations, OEMs, and partners, confirming that the feature update is ready for broad deployment.

Today, we are happy to announce that the Windows 10 version 1511 feature update (build 10586), released in November 2015, has been officially declared as Current Branch for Business (CBB), ready for organizations to begin deploying broadly. For most organizations, no specific action is needed as a result of this declaration – you just need to understand the impact of this declaration:

  • We will be publishing updated media for Windows 10 1511 in the coming weeks, through various channels including Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, and Windows Server Update Services, as well as on the Volume Licensing Service Center and MSDN.
    • The only difference between this updated media and the original Windows 10 1511 release is the addition of the March cumulative update (KB3140768), which has been injected into the installation image.
    • If you don’t want to wait for updated media, you can manually inject that same update, or a later one, into an existing Windows 10 1511 installation image.
  • For devices already running Windows 10 version 1511, deployed before the CBB declaration, no action is required other than standard monthly servicing. With the installation of the March cumulative update (KB3140768) or any later cumulative update, the device is already running the equivalent of what was declared as CBB.
  • If you have devices running Windows 10 1507, you need to understand the impact of the CBB declaration:
    • For devices being serviced using Windows Update for Business and configured to “Defer upgrades,” Windows 10 1511 will begin to deploy as soon as the updated media has been published. (Note that the deferral policies that specify an additional number of months to defer the feature update are not supported for devices running Windows 10 1507.)
    • For devices being serviced using Windows Server Updates Services, the updates to the existing Windows 10 1511 feature updates will need to be re-approved once the new updated media is received (unless you have an automatic update rule configured for the “Upgrades” category).
    • For those using the System Center Configuration Manager Windows 10 servicing plans to keep Windows 10 devices up to date, the updated media will be detected as “business ready,” causing servicing plans based on that “business ready” designation to begin to be evaluated.
    • For devices that will be upgraded using System Center Configuration Manager or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit task sequences, you may want to switch to the latest media (downloaded from the Volume Licensing Service Center) instead of the current Windows 10 1511 media. Alternatively, you can inject the March cumulative update (KB3140768) into your existing media.

We have also updated the Release Information page available at to reflect the updated status of Windows 10 1511.

If you aren’t yet running Windows 10 1511, this would also be a great time to try it out. See for more information. And enroll in the Insider Preview program to try out new features that will be coming out this summer in the next Windows 10 Current Branch release.

Comments (19)

  1. Matt says:

    The date formatting on the release information page is confusing.

    E.g. build 10586.17 has the availability date of 12/2/2015. Is this 12th of February 2015 or 2nd of December 2015? Please update to clearly state day and month.

  2. shawn says:

    @Matt. The date is clear on the list. The table doesn’t switch month and day part way up. It is Month/Day/Year. For example 10586.11 is 11/18/15. Also numerically why would there be a release of Windows out of number order from prior to Windows 10 even
    being released outside of the preview program?

  3. Joe S. says:

    Please, to not confuse Windows as a Service any further, please be consistent with other Microsoft documentation and call these feature upgrades and not feature updates. It’s been clear until now that the major feature releases every 3-4 months are UPGRADES,
    not updates

  4. iso says:

    There are international standards. Maybe Microsoft should follow them. YYYY-MM-DD will NEVER confuse anyone no matter where they are in the world.

  5. Versioning says:

    I’d really like to have been in the meeting where a bunch of smart people decided that "Windows 10 Version 1511 KB3140768 (OS Build 10586.164)" is a better versioning system than "Windows 10.1.9".

    Sure, developers and insiders and beta testers can worry about build numbers. Everyone else should just see straightforward semantic versioning.

    Your current system is just a convoluted mess, and leads to all sorts of shortsighted complications. You make a big deal that there’s a difference between "upgrades" and "updates", and then call your "upgrades" the November Update and the Anniversary Update.
    As if there’s never going to be another November or Anniversary. And the documentation calls the Anniversary Update "Version 1607", which is great, unless it gets delayed a month, then I guess you can search-and-replace the internet.

    Wouldn’t be easier if you could just say "We released 10.1 to the CBB"? If you could just say "Here’s what’s coming in version 10.2"?

    Sigh. I’m sure there’s reasons. I’m also sure those reasons are not actually any good.

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  7. Marko says:

    Dear Andrew Thompson, could you pray for Microsoft to fix their version numbers?

  8. Ben says:

    does this has any impact on Windows 10 LTSB ?

  9. MyGposts says:

    There is no new build of LTSB and these updates/upgrades do not apply to LTSB.

  10. Nath_Bird says:

    Couldn’t agree with the comment from "Versioning" anymore. Learning pie to a 1000 decimal places would be easier to get your head round. Sort it Microsoft, you are making a mountain out of a molehill…..again!

  11. Christian Wimmer says:

    CBB doesn’t mean it’s ready for every business. Roaming Profiles with this build still seem to cause modern apps to crash.

  12. David B says:

    "updated media for Windows 10 1511" – does this get a new build number? This would be required to help us track and manage base images….

  13. yannara says:

    David, new sub-build number yes, but 10586 will remain.

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  15. WayneD says:

    Hi. When you say "We will be publishing updated media for Windows 10 1511 in the coming weeks, through various channels including Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, and Windows Server Update Services, as well as on the Volume Licensing Service
    Center and MSDN." We’ve been checking the Volume Licensing Service Centre and notice that the latest Windows 10 Enterprise v1511 media is still the "Feb 16" rollup. As such, it does not appear that media has been updated to incorporate the March CBB (?)

  16. David B says:

    WayneD: We’re seeing the same. i.e. no updated media
    It’s all very well publishing these blogs and the ignite and virtual academy videos, and that might be how the world is meant to look from the ivory towers of Seattle, but the reality of what we can see,do and access in the real world is somewhat different.

  17. RL says:

    We use Intune for our Microsoft Updates. There is no mention of Intune in this article. Will the Window 10 1511 update for CBB be available in Intune, it is not currently.

    1. djbrightman says:

      Anyone seen “updated media for Windows 10 1511” yet? We’re STILL just seeing Feb 16 version…

  18. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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