Enterprise Data Protection testing and evaluation documentation released

Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection (EDP), currently in testing with enterprise customers and available soon, provides separation between both corporate and personal data and prevents corporate data from being copied out of corporate files to non-corporate files and locations, such as public website or social channels.

Our testing and evaluation documentation has just been posted to TechNet.

It covers the following:

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  1. Hrach Utudjian 1268 says:

    Last four SSN 1268

  2. madamngoc57@gmail.com says:


  3. Jeri Rike says:

    I can’t sign on the Internet I need a new browser barand I hit secureavaist sureand that has messed up my hole computer.

  4. fabric_queen@roadrunner.com says:

    I need help

  5. cindy campbell aka littlesinn2332@yahoo.com says:

    get ahold of this virus and trojam aka DNSUnlocker it hasnt been stoppped and is in all microsof t programs it is a repeat virus windows will remove by then it its to late

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