Windows 10 with Office 2016: Deployment Resources

Organizations often deploy a new release of Office when deploying a new version of Windows.  With the level of interest in Windows 10, this is especially true today.  Office 2016 was recently announced, and here are some useful resources for those who are looking to deploy it:

  • Office 2016 announcement.  Read about the release, as well as the servicing model, which is aligned closely with what has been implemented in Windows 10.
  • Deployment scripts for Office 2016.  The Office team has provided a set of PowerShell scripts through a community project to help with the installation and configuration of Office click-to-run. 
  • KMS activation support for Office 2016.  Volume license editions of Office 2016 client products require activation; this download enables you to set this up KMS or AD-based on your network.
  • UE-V Templates for Office 2016.  These templates enable UE-V to synchronize the user settings for all of the Office 2016 applications.

Of course you can also check out the Microsoft Mechanics videos about Office 2016 for additional details.

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  1. says:

    Thanks Michael for posting this . . .

  2. IT Assistant 97 says:

    Interesting article. I might send this to my boss so we can upgrade our 7 PC’s to Windows 10 and upgrade Office 2010 to Office 2016.

  3. piksi says:

    inary redistributions based on modified source code
    must be clearly marked as modified versions in the documentation

  4. piksi says:

    inary redistributions based on modified source code
    must be clearly marked as modified versions in the documentation

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  17. oriooff says:

    Thanks Michael, the deployment scripts look very useful.

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