Windows 10 servicing and deployment guidance now available

 We began introducing you to the concepts around our “Windows as a service” vision earlier this year with an overview on the Windows for Your Business blog.  We expanded on that introduction through discussions with many organizations and IT pros, presentations at Microsoft Ignite, and a webcast through the Microsoft Virtual Academy

To ensure that you and your organization understand this new vision, we would like to announce the publication of a new Introduction to Windows 10 servicing guide on TechNet.  We hope that this guide answers many of the questions you may have around what it means to deliver Windows as a service, as well as the choices that you can make when adopting Windows 10.

Link:  Introduction to Windows 10 servicing

Because of the close relationship between delivering Windows as a service and the deploying of Windows 10 within an organization, we have also published detailed information to help organizations with their Windows 10 deployment project planning.  This Plan for Windows 10 deployment guide on TechNet ties in the servicing concepts, while also talking about the deployment options, compatibility, and infrastructure requirements.

Link:  Plan for Windows 10 deployment

We hope these guides help answer many of your questions around Windows as a service and help you prepare for deploying Windows 10 throughout your organization.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns, as we will continue to update this documentation based on your feedback.

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  1. Patrice BONNEFOY says:

    Thanks for these news

  2. Thanks, it’s a vey nice article

  3. Siti Aisyah says:

    Thanks for these news. Sir, I have downloaded Windows 10 but I am still confused how to use it. To begin a new one is not easy so I need free simple tutorial of it or Could I go back to old one ?

  4. Talha Nasser says:

    @Siti Aisyah
    You may find some videos (trainning) about Windows 10 on Microsoft Virtual Academy for free.

    Here is a link..


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  6. Dutch09 says:

    We are looking at deploying W10 next summer, I’ve been using W10 at home and I enjoy it. I think more people will accept it rather than W8

  7. MS Services says:

    Sure thing Rodney – not a problem at all.

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    Today’s Tip… “Windows 10 Servicing Options” –

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    Thanks, Windows 10

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