The Next Release of Windows Intune is Now Available

We are excited to announce that effective today the latest release of Windows Intune is commercially available. Visit to check it out today.  Since its initial general availability just last March, we have added many new enhancements and features to make Windows Intune an even more powerful solution to help you manage and secure…


New Release of Windows Intune Will be Available Soon!

  Today, we are excited to announce that the new features and capabilities that you have seen in the Windows Intune beta will be commercially available on October 17th, 2011.  If you have a paid subscription in the Windows Intune service, your account information and your data will be upgraded to the new service within…


Multi-Account Dashboard Enhancements

If you have access to multiple Windows Intune accounts, then you will have seen the multi-account dashboard.  To have access to multiple accounts, the Live ID you use to log into Windows Intune must have been added as an administrator to more than one account.  The multi-account dashboard displays a summary view of all those…


Manage your PCs Anywhere, From Anywhere

One of the most important benefits of using an online PC management solution like Windows Intune, is that you are not tethered to any geographic location. If you and the PCs you are managing are connected to the internet, you can access the Windows Intune administrator console, and you can manage your PCs. In the…


Remote Tasks With Damion

A number of people have asked questions about how the remote task feature in Windows Intune works.  In this video we walk through an example of how you might use a remote task to remediate a malware protection alert, and describe how some of the other tasks work from an end-user perspective.  Enjoy!


Hardware Reporting in Windows Intune

Windows Intune now offers a number of improvements on reporting around hardware inventory.  Previously, Windows Intune had the ability to collect and display comprehensive hardware information about your managed PCs, but only on a PC-by PC basis.  Now with the addition of the hardware reporting area, you can produce a variety of hardware reports, save…


License Management with Paul and Rich

In this week’s video, Paul and Rich talk about the software license management capabilities in Windows Intune.  We cover the 2 areas of the License management workload: Microsoft Volume license agreements, and other agreements, which includes 3rd party licenses, OEM and retail licenses. Enjoy!


Handling Group Policy Conflicts in Windows Intune

This week, Jonathan is back to show us a new feature in Windows Intune:  Group Policy conflict notifications and how to manage them. [View:] Enjoy!


Deploying Software Applications with Windows Intune

In this video, Richard and Paul talk about the Software Distribution feature in Windows Intune.  They describe how to create software packages, tips and tricks for creating them, uploading them,  and then how to distribute them to your PCs.  The video is a little long but very informative and worth watching.  Enjoy! [View:]