Intune and WSUS: Update Management Functionality

After evaluating the update management features in the Windows Intune beta, some of you will be curious to know how Windows Intune’s update management feature compares with the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) solution. The short answer is that Windows Intune’s update workload essentially replaces WSUS for all your Microsoft update distribution needs. Just like…


Approving Updates in Windows Intune

Paul explains how simple it is to view required critical and security-related updates, and approve them for distribution to your computers.


Using Group Policy and Windows Intune to Manage Policy

Z8X22T6W8GDN When some computers are managed by both Windows Intune and Group Policy, policy conflicts can occur. Group Policy is given precedence and policy defined in Group Policy is the policy that is effective on the managed computer. In the current beta of Windows Intune conflict with Group Policy can occur for the settings in…


Windows Intune Beta: We Still Need Your Input!

Back in September, we announced that we were closing the registration for the current Windows Intune beta.  It should be noted however, that this does not mean the beta is over!  Those of you with Windows Intune beta accounts are still encouraged to log in to the service, try out various features and provide your…


Windows Intune at Tech Ed in Berlin Next Month

Members of the Windows Intune team will be at Tech Ed in Berlin, Germany, November 8th – 12th. Now in its 18th year, Tech·Ed is Microsoft’s premier technical education event providing the most comprehensive technical training on Microsoft’s suite of products, technologies, solutions and services. Tech·Ed is a worldwide brand, with events in locations around…


The Software Catalog Behind Windows Intune

Collecting software inventory is one thing…using that information effectively is quite another.  Software catalogs are used to ‘prepare’ inventory data and present it in an intelligent manner that supports the activties you are doing while managing your IT environment.  In this video, Annmarie, who works as a software catalog researcher on the Windows Intune team, explains the…


AIS and Windows Intune

Some of you may be familiar with the MDOP suite (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance).  This is a suite of tools that helps you manage your IT environment more efficiently.  One of the tools in the suite is the Asset Inventory Service (AIS).  AIS is a bit near and dear to me, as…


Remote Assistance Reporting in Windows Intune

We have a lot of MSPs (managed service providers) in the Windows Intune beta.  MSPs are ‘IT departments for hire’, and help small to medium sized business manage their IT more effectively.  One of the requests I’ve heard from this group is how to produce a list of the remote assistance sessions that have taken…


Service Status in Windows Intune

One of the important things in managing a service like Windows Intune is making sure you, the customers, have ready access to information to help you achieve maximum benefit.  This not only includes information like help files and FAQ’s, but also information about the service itself. To help with this, we have put together the…


Malware client Settings in Windows Intune

Zac is a program manager on the Windows Intune team, and in this video, he talks about the Windows Intune Center Malware settings, and how the administrator can create policies in the console to enforce them.